Shiloh: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Lieutenant Palmer Metcalf

This character narrates the first and last chapters of the book.

Private Otto Flickner

This Union canon operator walks away from the battle.

Captain Walter Fountain

This Union soldier finds it difficult to be away from the woman he loves and is killed while writing a letter to her.

General Albery Sidney Johnston

This Confederate soldier is responsible for the troops that were stretched from Virginia to Kansas.

Private Luther Dage

This rifleman is in the 6th Mississippi and actually witnesses the death of a Confederate general.

Jefferson Polly

This character says he was relieved to be kicked out of seminary.

Robert Winter

This soldier was adopted from a Boston orphanage.

Sergeant Buterbaugh

This character uses the word "demoralized" to describe Union soldiers who are running away from the war.

N.B. Forrest

This character is wounded at the Battle of Fallen Timbers but uses...

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