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Chapter 1

• The Confederate Army marches toward Pittsburg Landing.

• Lieutenant Palmer Metcalfe narrates the chapter and describes the condition of the Confederate soldiers as they march.

• Palmer reports that when the skies clear and the soldiers see sun, many of them cheer. The road has been very difficult, especially with all the rain. Sun was a welcomed relief.
• Palmer reports that a group of commanders stop to talk to General Johnston to plan strategy.

• Johnston is in favor of canceling the attack at Shiloh.

• Johnston says the troops don't have a chance to make a surprise attack given all the noise the troops have made.

• Johnston hears a drum in the distance and sends someone to silence it.

• The messenger returns and says that the drum is a Union drum.

• As Johnston considers the fact that the Union knows his troops' proximity, the Union fires the first shots and...

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