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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long ago does the narrator say she came back to Kentucky in “Residents and Transients”?
(a) 2 years ago
(b) 5 years ago
(c) 4 years ago
(d) 3 years ago

2. What is Edwin’s last name in “A New-Wave Format”?
(a) Culpepper
(b) Creech
(c) Cleveland
(d) Jackson

3. Where does Georgeann work in order to help support Shelby as he attends seminary school in “The Retreat”?
(a) Kroger's Grocery Store
(b) Albertson's Grocery Store
(c) Macy's Department Store
(d) J. C. Penney's

4. What was the name of the dog belonging to her husband that was at Nancy’s wedding in “Nancy Culpepper”?
(a) Pronto
(b) Baxter
(c) Grover
(d) Max

5. Who did Imogene give away her belongings to before she and Bill set out in “The Ocean”?
(a) Carolyn and Louise
(b) Sarah, Bill, and Susan
(c) Cleo and Kent
(d) Judy, Bob, and Sissy

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the narrator know Larry from before she began having an affair with him in “Residents and Transients”?

2. How much money does Bill have in his wallet as he drives to Florida in “The Ocean”?

3. What kind of dog is Grover in “Lying Doggo”?

4. How many years does Imogene say it’s been since they’ve been in Nashville in “The Ocean”?

5. Ruby realizes in the hospital that she has about a hundred pictures of what actor, in “Third Monday"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Edwin’s character described in “A New-Wave Format”? Who do people think Edwin looks like?

2. Why has Mary agreed to stay in her parents’ house in “Residents and Transients”? How does she feel about this setting?

3. How did Mary meet her husband in “Residents and Transients”? How are Mary and her husband similar?

4. How is Grover Cleveland described when Jack picked him out as a puppy in “Lying Doggo”?

5. What does Waldeen come to view as a symbol for marriage in “Graveyard Day”?

6. How is Shelby Pickett described when Georgeann began dating him in “The Retreat”?

7. What education did Georgeann and Shelby attain in “The Retreat”?

8. How are Ishmael and its owner described in “The Ocean”?

9. How is Georgeann’s senior prom described in “The Retreat”?

10. How is Sabrina Jones described in “A New-Wave Format”?

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