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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Carolyn’s last name in “Drawing Names”?
(a) Stamper
(b) Walters
(c) Sisson
(d) Turnbow

2. Who does Carolyn’s mother say brought the chocolate-covered creams in “Drawing Names”?
(a) Hattie Smoot
(b) Rita Jean Wiggins
(c) Jim Yates
(d) Sabrina Jones

3. Where does Mack and Mary Lou’s youngest daughter attend college in “The Rookers”?
(a) Louisiana State
(b) Michigan State
(c) Murray State
(d) Brown University

4. Leroy tells Norma Jean what reason for why one of her arms is not as hard as the other in the beginning of “Shiloh”?
(a) She’s left-handed.
(b) She’s using the wrong weights.
(c) She’s right-handed.
(d) She’s got too much body fat.

5. Who is Louise’s husband with while he’s away in “Still Life with Watermelon”?
(a) Jim Yates
(b) Carolyn Sisson
(c) Jack Cleveland
(d) Rita Jean Wiggins

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of store does the narrator of “Offerings” say Joe Stamper owned and ran?

2. The women that come over to play Rook with Mary Lou in “The Rookers” are all what?

3. The narrator says in the beginning of “Offerings” that Sandra’s maternal grandmother died at what age?

4. Whose granddaughter in “The Rookers” is said to have an ovary infection?

5. When the narrator and her mother departed for Detroit in “Detroit Skyline, 1949,” the narrator’s father told them “Don’t let” what “get you”?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are the characters of Norma Jean and Leroy described in “Shiloh”?

2. Why did the family agree to draw names for Christmas presents in “Drawing Names”?

3. How long has Carolyn been divorced in “Drawing Names”? How has this impacted her family Christmas visits?

4. What memories of her grandmother’s farm does Sandra recollect in “Offerings”?

5. What examples are given of Dusty’s tendencies to overreact in “The Climber”?

6. What are the central themes in the stories of Bobbie Ann Mason’s anthology?

7. Where is Louise Milsap’s husband in the beginning of “Still Life with Watermelon”? Why is he there?

8. What happens when Louise goes to meet with Mr. Priddle in “Still Life with Watermelon”?

9. How is the character of Aunt Mozelle described in “Detroit Skyline, 1949”?

10. How is the journey to Detroit described in “Detroit Skyline, 1949”? How do Peggy Jo and her mother get there?

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