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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the beginning of “The Retreat,” Georgeann is basting facings on what garment?
(a) A children's choir robe
(b) A wedding dress
(c) A band uniform
(d) A cheerleader's uniform

2. What are the names of Georgeann and Shelby’s two children in “The Retreat”?
(a) Tamara and Jason
(b) Mike and Jimmy
(c) Mark and Elizabeth
(d) Peter and Sarah

3. How frequently does Ruby see the man she’s dating in “Third Monday”?
(a) Once a month
(b) Once a year
(c) Once a week
(d) Once every two weeks

4. How long ago does the narrator say she came back to Kentucky in “Residents and Transients”?
(a) 5 years ago
(b) 4 years ago
(c) 3 years ago
(d) 2 years ago

5. Who has taken all the ribbons from the presents and fashioned them into a funny bridal bouquet at the party in “Third Monday”?
(a) Rita Jean Wiggins
(b) Nancy Featherstone
(c) Jim Yates
(d) Carolyn Sisson

6. How old is Linda in “Third Monday”?
(a) 26
(b) 37
(c) 31
(d) 56

7. Why does the narrator say she returned to Kentucky in “Residents and Transients”?
(a) Her father passed away and left her his house
(b) Her parents were in poor health
(c) To marry her college professor
(d) Her uncle married a millionaire

8. Of her parents’ farmhouse, the narrator of “Residents and Transients” says, “I love its stateliness, the way it rises up from the fields like a patch of” what?
(a) Mutant jimsonweeds
(b) Daisies
(c) Red apple trees
(d) Purple irises

9. How many hours did it take Bill and Imogene to reach Nashville, according to the narrator in the beginning of “The Ocean”?
(a) 9
(b) 2
(c) 5
(d) 3

10. What is the name of the man that Ruby is seeing in “Third Monday”?
(a) Buddy
(b) Paul
(c) Mark
(d) Jack

11. Who is the doctor that Shelby tells Georgeann to call in the morning in “The Retreat”?
(a) Dr. Albertson
(b) Dr. Williams
(c) Dr. Sisson
(d) Dr. Armstrong

12. The narrator of “Residents and Transients” says that “there are a few here who think” what place “in Louisville would be the grandest place in the world to be”?
(a) Waverly Hills
(b) The Louisville Zoo
(c) Churchill Downs
(d) The Louisville Slugger Museum

13. What is the name of Nancy’s history professor that attends her wedding in “Nancy Culpepper”?
(a) Dr. James
(b) Dr. Doyle
(c) Dr. Ross
(d) Dr. Anderson

14. Who did Imogene give away her belongings to before she and Bill set out in “The Ocean”?
(a) Sarah, Bill, and Susan
(b) Judy, Bob, and Sissy
(c) Carolyn and Louise
(d) Cleo and Kent

15. Where did Jack get Grover in “Lying Doggo”?
(a) From his dying mother
(b) A little kid outside Wal-Mart
(c) A small pet store
(d) A Humane Society shelter

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the narrator know Larry from before she began having an affair with him in “Residents and Transients”?

2. Where does Georgeann work in order to help support Shelby as he attends seminary school in “The Retreat”?

3. Jack says in “Lying Doggo,” “The only people I ever cared about who died were” what?

4. What newspaper does Bill read every night in “The Ocean”?

5. Where does Shelby take Georgeann to eat on the night of their senior prom in “The Retreat”?

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