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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Georgeann first knew Shelby in high school, Shelby was on probation for stealing four cases of cola and a ham from where in “The Retreat”?
(a) Kroger's Grocery Store
(b) K-Mart
(c) Piggly Wiggly
(d) Albertson's Grocery Store

2. Who has taken all the ribbons from the presents and fashioned them into a funny bridal bouquet at the party in “Third Monday”?
(a) Jim Yates
(b) Carolyn Sisson
(c) Rita Jean Wiggins
(d) Nancy Featherstone

3. Nancy and her husband live in a small town an hour’s drive from what city in “Nancy Culpepper”?
(a) Philadelphia
(b) Boston
(c) New York
(d) Cleveland

4. What is Nancy’s position at a small private elementary school in “Lying Doggo”?
(a) English Teacher
(b) Assistant Principal
(c) Janitor
(d) Science Teacher

5. Who brings Ruby her cake and ice cream and makes sure she has a comfortable chair in “Third Monday”?
(a) Jerry Wilson
(b) Betty Lewis
(c) Louise Milsap
(d) Georgeann Smith

6. What is the name of the health center Edwin is transporting a group of mentally retarded adults to in order to attend training in “A New-Wave Format”?
(a) Saint Jude's Hospital
(b) Barclay's Hospital for Women
(c) Mount Sinai Mental Health Center
(d) Cedar Hill Mental Health Center

7. What band does the narrator say Georgeann put on to try to teach Shelby to dance prior to the prom in “The Retreat”?
(a) The Kinks
(b) The Beatles
(c) The Doors
(d) The Who

8. Why does the narrator say she returned to Kentucky in “Residents and Transients”?
(a) Her parents were in poor health
(b) To marry her college professor
(c) Her uncle married a millionaire
(d) Her father passed away and left her his house

9. What is the narrator’s husband’s name in “Residents and Transients”?
(a) Michael
(b) Mark
(c) Stephen
(d) Paul

10. How old is Robert in “Lying Doggo”?
(a) 12
(b) 7
(c) 16
(d) 9

11. What is the name of Nancy’s husband in “Nancy Culpepper”?
(a) Peter
(b) Bill
(c) Jack
(d) Paul

12. Where did Waldeen’s ex-husband move after their divorce in “Graveyard Day”?
(a) Texas
(b) Oklahoma
(c) Arizona
(d) Arkansas

13. Where did Jack get Grover in “Lying Doggo”?
(a) A Humane Society shelter
(b) A small pet store
(c) A little kid outside Wal-Mart
(d) From his dying mother

14. What is Sabrina’s last name in “A New-Wave Format”?
(a) Wilson
(b) Jones
(c) Watkins
(d) Ross

15. What is the last name of Bill and Imogene in “The Ocean”?
(a) Watkins
(b) Hastings
(c) Crittendon
(d) Williams

Short Answer Questions

1. How many hours did it take Bill and Imogene to reach Nashville, according to the narrator in the beginning of “The Ocean”?

2. How old is Nancy’s son Robert in “Nancy Culpepper”?

3. What is the last name of Joe, who comes to supper almost every night at Waldeen’s, in “Graveyard Day”?

4. The man that got Linda pregnant had promised to get her what, in “Third Monday”?

5. What was the name of the dog belonging to her husband that was at Nancy’s wedding in “Nancy Culpepper”?

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