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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word does the narrator’s play date pronounce “with two syllables” in “Detroit Skyline, 1949”?
(a) Hair
(b) There
(c) Walk
(d) Here

2. When Mack refurbished an old church pew into a dinette booth for some neighbors in “The Rookers,” the sanding took days and Mack claimed, “I’m sanding off layers of” what?
(a) Belief
(b) Hypocrisy
(c) Greed
(d) Sermons

3. Who’s car does Cleo say is “here all the time” in “Old Things”?
(a) Linda's
(b) Louise's
(c) Waldeen's
(d) Dolores's

4. What did Sandra’s maternal grandmother die from in “Offerings”?
(a) Tuberculosis
(b) Lung cancer
(c) Childbed Fever
(d) A brain aneurism

5. Where does Mack and Mary Lou’s youngest daughter attend college in “The Rookers”?
(a) Louisiana State
(b) Murray State
(c) Michigan State
(d) Brown University

6. Kent is a part-time student at what college in “Drawing Names”?
(a) Louisiana State
(b) Rutgers University
(c) Murray State
(d) Ole Miss

7. What is the name of the narrator’s aunt in “Detroit Skyline, 1949” that she and her mother went to visit in Detroit when she was young?
(a) Peggy Wilson
(b) Mozelle Cashon
(c) Rita Jean Wiggins
(d) Louise Milsap

8. Dolores’s friend is said to have gone to a dude ranch where when an earthquake was predicted for western Kentucky in “The Climber”?
(a) Arizona
(b) Arkansas
(c) California
(d) Maine

9. What is the name of the narrator’s brother in “Detroit Skyline, 1949” that is 2 when she visits Detroit with her mother?
(a) Andrew
(b) Phillip
(c) Johnny
(d) Petey

10. What kind of store does the narrator of “Offerings” say Joe Stamper owned and ran?
(a) A candy store
(b) A shoe store
(c) A coffee shop
(d) A book store

11. The women that come over to play Rook with Mary Lou in “The Rookers” are all what?
(a) Schoolteachers
(b) Having secret affairs
(c) Policewomen
(d) Widows

12. Dolores’s friend enrolled in beauty school at what age in “The Climber”?
(a) 60
(b) 42
(c) 37
(d) 26

13. What did Mack make for Mary Lou for their twenty-fifth anniversary from scrap pine in “The Rookers”?
(a) A coffee table
(b) A bookshelf
(c) A dinner table
(d) A card table

14. What is the name of Louise’s husband in “Still Life with Watermelon”?
(a) Tom
(b) Paul
(c) Jack
(d) Peter

15. The narrator says in the beginning of “Offerings” that Sandra’s maternal grandmother died at what age?
(a) 41
(b) 30
(c) 26
(d) 32

Short Answer Questions

1. How old does the narrator say she was when her mother took her on a long journey North to see the tall buildings of Detroit in the beginning of “Detroit Skyline, 1949”?

2. How many children do Mary Lou and Mack have in “The Rookers”?

3. Who is Louise’s husband with while he’s away in “Still Life with Watermelon”?

4. According to the narrator of “The Climber,” “Dolores has the Christian channel on only for the” what?

5. How tall is the tulip tree said to be in “The Climber”?

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