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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Ocean.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Shelby take Georgeann to eat on the night of their senior prom in “The Retreat”?
(a) The Wal-Mart snack bar
(b) Kentucky Fried Chicken
(c) McDonald's
(d) Burger King

2. The narrator of “Residents and Transients” says that “there are a few here who think” what place “in Louisville would be the grandest place in the world to be”?
(a) Churchill Downs
(b) The Louisville Slugger Museum
(c) The Louisville Zoo
(d) Waverly Hills

3. Who does Carolyn’s dad say had stomach bypass surgery but that “it didn’t work and they had to fix him back like he was” in “Drawing Names”?
(a) Jim Yates
(b) Bill Crittendon
(c) Peewee McClain
(d) Jack Cleveland

4. What is Mary Lou’s last name in “The Rookers”?
(a) Skaggs
(b) Belletieri
(c) Cashon
(d) Wilson

5. Who is the doctor that Shelby tells Georgeann to call in the morning in “The Retreat”?
(a) Dr. Williams
(b) Dr. Albertson
(c) Dr. Armstrong
(d) Dr. Sisson

Short Answer Questions

1. What ship that had been sunk at Pearl Harbor does Bill think about as he tries to sleep in the camper in “The Ocean”?

2. How tall is the tulip tree said to be in “The Climber”?

3. How many children does Dolores have in “The Climber”?

4. What is the name of Sandra’s grandfather that died in “Offerings”?

5. In what children’s book does the narrator describe a “picture of a child with his guardian angel hovering over him in "Detroit Skyline, 1949"?

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