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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Drawing Names.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Leroy’s tractor-trailer jackknife, causing his leg injury, in “Shiloh”?
(a) Kansas
(b) Oklahoma
(c) Missouri
(d) Texas

2. How long ago was Carolyn divorced in “Drawing Names”?
(a) 6 years ago
(b) 10 years ago
(c) 1 year ago
(d) 2 years ago

3. Carolyn works as a sales clerk at what store in “Drawing Names”?
(a) J.C. Penney's
(b) Macy's
(c) Wal-Mart
(d) K-Mart

4. Who does Carolyn’s mother say brought the chocolate-covered creams in “Drawing Names”?
(a) Hattie Smoot
(b) Sabrina Jones
(c) Jim Yates
(d) Rita Jean Wiggins

5. In what state do Mary Lou and her husband Mack live in “The Rookers”?
(a) Arkansas
(b) Alabama
(c) Kentucky
(d) Texas

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Leroy and Norma Jean live in “Shiloh”?

2. What did Sandra’s grandfather die from in “Offerings”?

3. Sandra’s mother never told Sandra’s paternal grandmother about having what surgery in “Offerings”?

4. What kind of instrument does the narrator say Leroy gave Norma Jean for Christmas in “Shiloh”?

5. Louise has lost her job where in “Still Life with Watermelon”?

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