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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lying Doggo.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dolores’s friend is said to have gone to a dude ranch where when an earthquake was predicted for western Kentucky in “The Climber”?
(a) California
(b) Arizona
(c) Maine
(d) Arkansas

2. What word from “Still Life with Watermelon” refers to a horn containing food, drink, etc. in endless supply?
(a) Menagerie
(b) Utopia
(c) Cornucopia
(d) Columbine

3. The narrator’s mother in “Residents and Transients” tells her that what “brings on cancer”?
(a) Bad food
(b) Anger
(c) Heartbreak
(d) Hypocrisy

4. What is Mary Lou’s last name in “The Rookers”?
(a) Belletieri
(b) Wilson
(c) Cashon
(d) Skaggs

5. How long ago does the narrator say she came back to Kentucky in “Residents and Transients”?
(a) 5 years ago
(b) 3 years ago
(c) 2 years ago
(d) 4 years ago

Short Answer Questions

1. Sandra’s husband is in Louisville working where in “Offerings”?

2. How old is Nancy’s grandmother that’s being put in a nursing home in “Nancy Culpepper”?

3. In what year did Nancy get married in “Nancy Culpepper”?

4. According to the narrator in “The Ocean,” “Bill was an expert driver. He knew every road and cow path and Indian trail” where?

5. Where does Georgeann work in order to help support Shelby as he attends seminary school in “The Retreat”?

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