Objects & Places from Shiloh and Other Stories

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Western Kentucky

Most of the stories in Shiloh and Other Stories take place in this general location. Author Bobbie Ann Mason is from this location and models many of her characters on the people she sees around her.


In “Shiloh,” Leroy’s character regularly partakes of this drug.

Craft Kits

In “Shiloh,” Leroy regularly purchases and works on these objects since his accident.

Rexall Drug Store

This is the location where Norma Jean works in “Shiloh.”

Tennessee River

In the ending of “Shiloh,” Norma Jean looks back at Leroy and waves to him while standing on a bluff overlooking this body of water.

Card Table

Mack Skaggs makes this object to give to his wife for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in “The Rookers.”


Peggy Jo is introduced to this new technological advancement at her uncle’s house in “Detroit Skyline, 1949.”


In “Offerings,” Sandra’s husband...

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