Shiloh and Other Stories Character Descriptions

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Mabel Beasley

This character in “Shiloh” was displeased when her son got his girlfriend pregnant and saw the death of their son as a sort of divine retribution. She encourages her son and his wife to visit the Shiloh battlefield.

Stevie Hamilton

This character in “Shiloh” is the teenage son of a prominent doctor. He is also a drug pusher who supplies the main character with marijuana.

Leroy Moffitt

This character in “Shiloh” is a disabled trucker living with his wife in western Kentucky. After his truck accident, he stays at home, smokes marijuana, and makes things from craft kits.

Norma Jean Moffitt

This character in “Shiloh” lives in rural western Kentucky with her husband, who has recently been injured in a trucking accident. She works at a Rexall drugstore, likes to lift weights, play the organ, and cook interesting meals.

Randy Moffitt

This character in “Shiloh” is...

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