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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tony thinks Constance has not read all of the letter, so what does he do?
(a) He gives it to his mother to finish reading.
(b) He has a temper tantrum.
(c) He sits down and tries to read it himself.
(d) He puts the letter in his pocket to read later.

2. What does Mrs. Hardcastle propose to do after she learns the truth about Constance and Hastings?
(a) She plans to take Constance to her Aunt Pedigree in London.
(b) She plans to call the vicar and have Constance and Tony marry immediately.
(c) She plans to lock Constance in her room until Hastings leaves.
(d) She plans to charge Hastings with stealing the jewels.

3. What is Hastings' double entendre about the calf brains on the menu?
(a) I supposed you had only a half a brain.
(b) Do you suggest we lack brains, sir?
(c) Let your brains be knocked out, sir, I don't like them.
(d) A brain is something missing in most houses.

4. Hardcastle does not recognize the insults at first and attempts to do what?
(a) Enter into a conversation with Marlow and Hastings.
(b) Advise them about their dress.
(c) Get them to sit at a table.
(d) Order Marlow and Hastings to sit down.

5. Why is Mrs. Hardcastle trying to make a match between Tony and Constance?
(a) Tony needs to settle down before he gets too old.
(b) Constance stands to inherit a title.
(c) Tony has never been able to attract a woman.
(d) Constance inherited a fortune in jewels.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Tony's one word admonition to the landlord of the pub?

2. How does Hardcastle say the servants are like their betters?

3. What admonition does Hardcastle give the servants for when guests arrive?

4. What does Kate say about Marlow?

5. Who enters while Kate is struggling to get her hand away from Marlow?

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