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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Hardcastle is furious with Marlow. What does he say out loud to himself about the young man?
(a) That he cannot understand Sir Charles playing such a joke on him.
(b) That he must not let Kate meet the young man.
(c) That he should run him off with a pitchfork.
(d) He is the most impudent piece of brass that ever spoke with a tongue.

2. How does Mrs. Hardcastle show her blind love of her son, Tony?
(a) She orders a painting done of him.
(b) She gives him a fortune.
(c) She says he could charm the birds from the trees.
(d) She buys him the latest fashion clothes.

3. Why is Tony suddenly brave enough to play a prank on Hardcastle and his guests.
(a) He has grown much larger than Hardcastle.
(b) He is soon to come into his inheritance.
(c) His mother will defend him.
(d) He is leaving for Europe soon.

4. What is Tony's problem with the letter?
(a) He doesn't have his glasses.
(b) It is too dark in the room.
(c) He doesn't read French.
(d) He cannot read handwriting.

5. What does Jeremy, Marlow's servant, verify?
(a) That Sir Charles always allowd them to get drunk at an inn.
(b) That Marlow ordered his servants to drink.
(c) That the Hardcastle servant girls where getting them drunk for sport.
(d) That the barmaid gave them the keys to the cellar.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hardcastle finally get the attention of Marlow and Hastings?

2. Who does Mrs. Hardcastle dote on?

3. What is Marlow's complaint as he enters the room and finds Kate?

4. Tired of humoring Hardcastle, what blunder does Marlow make?

5. What is Kate's response as Marlow moves closer to her?

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