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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Marlow finally does look at Kate as a barmaid, what changes in his speech?
(a) He becomes quite flirtatious.
(b) He starts stammering again.
(c) He pauses trying to remember who she is.
(d) He orders a sandwich.

2. Left behind as Hardcastle and Marlow go to the bedrooms, who does Hastings see?
(a) Constance Neville.
(b) Mrs. Hardcastle.
(c) Diggory.
(d) Kate Hardcastle.

3. When Mrs. Hardcastle tries to get Tony to say home one night, where is he planning to go?
(a) The theater.
(b) To church.
(c) The Three Pigeons pub.
(d) The Cock and Bull pub.

4. How interested is Hardcastle in politics?
(a) He favors the Tories.
(b) Not at all because it frets him.
(c) He is an avid follower of politics.
(d) He is an avid Liberal.

5. What comment does Mr. Hardcastle make to his daughter, Kate, seeing her dressed in the latest fashion.
(a) What is wrong with the simple country dress?
(b) There's enough silk in that gown to make two.
(c) Have you turned to be like Mrs. Hardcastle?
(d) The indigent world could be clothed out of the trimmings of the vain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Constance not believe that Mrs. Hardcastle has lost her jewels?

2. What does Tony come running into the room to announce?

3. As soon as Hardcastle is out of sight, what do the servants begin saying?

4. After the meal problem is settled, what demands do Marlow and Hastings make?

5. What happens when Hardcastle asks the servants about serving wine?

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