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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Hastings and Marlow continue to ignore Hardcastle?
(a) By discussing what to wear before they go on to meet Kate and Constance.
(b) By going to look out of the window.
(c) By talking loudly to each other.
(d) By keeping their backs to him.

2. What is Marlow's reaction when he sees the menu for the night's supper?
(a) He thinks it is rustic food.
(b) He cannot eat rich food at night.
(c) He is shocked, thinking it will be expensive.
(d) He does not believe the menu is correct.

3. What funny comment does Hardcastle make to the audience about the behavior of Marlow and Hastings?
(a) If he were not Sir Charles' son, I'd send him packing.
(b) Next thing he'll want me to fluff his pillows.
(c) No wonder Sir Charles was anxious to send his son to the country.
(d) It may be modern modesty but looks like old-fashioned impudence.

4. Left behind as Hardcastle and Marlow go to the bedrooms, who does Hastings see?
(a) Kate Hardcastle.
(b) Mrs. Hardcastle.
(c) Diggory.
(d) Constance Neville.

5. What argument does the subject of age bring up between the Hardcastles?
(a) How long they have had the same furniture.
(b) The leaks in the roof.
(c) The holes in the carpet.
(d) Mrs. Hardcastle's age.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Tony's composition he leads at the Three Pigeons?

2. What is Hardcastle's toast after passing out the punch?

3. What is Mr. Hardcastle attempting to do with his servants?

4. What happens when Hardcastle hears a coach drive up in front of the house?

5. As soon as Hardcastle is out of sight, what do the servants begin saying?

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