Objects & Places from She's Come Undone

Wally Lamb
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Carter Avenue - This is the location of the house where Delores' family gets their first television.

Jefferson Drive - This is where Mrs. Masicotte lives.

Treetop Acres - This is the sub-division that Dolores' family moves to when she is 10.

Tenafly, New York - This is where Tony moves with his girlfriend after he leaves Dolores.

Easterly, Rhode Island - This is where Dolores goes to stay when her mother has a nervous breakdown.

Wellfleet - This is where Dolores goes after she quits college.

Pike's Peak - This is where Dolores sees the couple who have been photographed in coffins.

Gracewood Institute - This is where Dolores receives mental care.

Holyoke, Mass. - This is where Dolores reveals all of her secrets to Dante.

Merton College - This is where Dolores goes to school.

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