She's Come Undone Fun Activities

Wally Lamb
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When I Was a Kid...

Create a diary entry as if you were Dolores' mother as a teenager.

I, Dolores.

Write Thayer and Dolores' wedding vows.


Write a guide to dating as if you were Dolores.

Changing Verse

Write a poem expressing the emotional rebirth of Dolores.

Scripted Story

Write and perform a one act play based on Dolores' journey.

Why I Miss Him

Tell the story of Mr. Pucci and Gary's life together, imagining a vacation, special holiday or important milestone.

What You Did to Her

Imagine you are talking to Jack Speight. What would you want to say to him? How did his actions affect Dolores? Write a monologue based on these questions.

Rita's Story

Write an extra chapter in Rita's voice about what happened when Jack and Rita left.

Girl Talk

Imagine Dolores and Sheila sat down and talked. Write this dialogue.

Days of Dolores' Life

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