She's Come Undone Character Descriptions

Wally Lamb
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Dolores Price - This character has a dependent relationship on food and television.

Dante Davis - This character writes letters which are stolen.

Bernice Price - This character is hit by a truck and dies.

Grandma Thelma Holland - This character deals with the death of two children.

Tony Price - This character abandons their family with no explanation to the child.

Jack Speight - This character owns a sports car adored by others.

Rita Speight - This character suffers a miscarriage and flees her apartment with no explanation.

Roberta Jaskiewicz - This character owns a tattoo parlor.

Uncle Eddie - This character drowned as a teenager.

Mr. Fabio Pucci - This character is a guidance counselor who contracts AIDS.

Thayer - This character is too tall to fit through doorways without ducking.

Arthur Music - This character earns his living as a truck driver.


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