She's Come Undone Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wally Lamb
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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• A television is delivered to the house that Dolores and her parents are living in. The year is 1956.

• Dolores is a 4-year-old girl who is at first afraid of the television but is later entranced by it.

• The relationship between Dolores' parents (a house manager/handyman and a housewife) is revealed to be contemptuous and abusive.

• Dolores comes along on Saturdays when her father collects rent and visits Mrs. Masicotte, his boss.

• Dolores entertains herself by teasing Mrs. Masicotte's dog, Zahra, while her father and Mrs. Masicotte talk alone.

• Dolores' mother becomes pregnant but loses the baby in her ninth month.

• After a day at school where her teacher yells at her, Delores is picked up by her Grandmother and told that her mother is in the hospital.

• After her mother comes home, Delores' grandmother stays to help until Dolores says that she hates her, which...

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