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Jodi Kantor
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The Casting Couch

Conduct research on allegations of sexual harassment throughout history in the field of entertainment and prepare a presentation that examines the concept of "the casting couch." When did this phrase first appear? What does it imply about sexual exchange in Hollywood? What validity is there for this notion?

Hollywood Rumors

Conduct research and prepare a project or presentation that addresses the following question: How prevalent were rumors of Harvey Weinstein's reputation as a sexual predator and what, if any effect did they have on his behavior? Do you believe that Weinstein was protected by an army of enablers? Do you think that other producers are guilty as well?

Victim Blaming

Victim blaming is discussed in She Said, along with the guilt that victims feel following harassment and assault. Conduct research on victim blaming in contemporary culture and the media and prepare a presentation that looks...

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