Objects & Places from Shattered Mirror

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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The Devil's Hour

This is midnight and the time when the vampires are known to feed off their human prey.


This is the holiday celebrated by witches at Halloween.


This is the organization dedicated to the idea that all beings should be allowed to live in peace.


This is the state where Sarah and her family live.


This is the name of the small town where Caryn lives and where Sarah goes to school.


This is the name Nissa gives the dog Sarah is sculpting in her art class.

American History Class

This is where Sarah first meets Christopher.

A Bash

This is an event hosted by vampires in which humans are either killed or offer themselves for food.

Black and White

These are the colors that dominate Nikolas's house.

Ash Road

This is where Nikolas's house is located.

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