Shattered Mirror Character Descriptions

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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Sarah Vida

She is a vampire hunter who is the daughter and sister of famous vampire hunters.

Christopher Ravena

He is a vampire who is attending school at Acton and pretending to be Nissa's twin.


Older sister of Christopher and Nikolas, she is a vampire who is attending school at Acton.


He is looking for Nikolas because of what's happened to his sister, Christine.


She is struggling to maintain a grip on reality.


Christopher's twin, he is somewhat ruthless though honorable.

Caryn Smoke

The woman who serves as healer to Sarah and others, she believes there should be peace for all creatures.

Dominique Vida

Sarah's mother, she is a famous vampire hunter.


An infamous vampire and the one vampire Sarah really wants to catch and kill as the story begins.


Sarah's sister, she is something of the perfect child in Dominique's eyes...

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