Shattered Mirror Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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Chapters 1 through 3

• Sarah Vida, a witch and a vampire hunter, goes to a party in which humans and vampires are bonded.

• She is trying to find Nikolas, an old vampire whose first victim was Sarah's ancestor from the 1800's. She is alone.

• She knows it is dangerous to go when she could not take anyone with her but decides it might be worth it.

• She kills a weak vampire in an empty room but then finds out that Kaleo, a vampire most hunters would like to kill is there.

• Kaleo points to the dead vampire and says he was rather a pain as Sarah reaches for her magical knife.
• Sarah escapes and drives herself home. She only got away because the vamps were so focused on feeding.

• Dominique, Sarah's mother, comes to check on her and tells her she was careless. Caryn sets Sarah's broken bones.

• Caryn was...

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