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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What persists towards the East from where Sharpe and Harper are?
(a) A heavy fog.
(b) Grass fires.
(c) The sounds of battle between the Prussians and French.
(d) Flocks of crows and ravens circling.

2. What is one group that is part of the Duke of Wellington's troops?
(a) The Wale's sharpshooters.
(b) The Russian Cossack cavalry.
(c) The Irish Third Artillery.
(d) The King's German Legion.

3. Upon whose staff is the horseman?
(a) The Prince of Orange.
(b) No one's.
(c) The Prince of Belgium.
(d) The Prince of Wales.

4. Who is Baron Jean de Constant Rebecque?
(a) The Prince of Wales' chief of staff.
(b) The leader of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade.
(c) The Prince of Orange's chief of staff.
(d) Napoleon's chief of staff.

5. What does Napoleon do in the East?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Withdraws his cavalry.
(c) Defeats the Dutch artillery.
(d) Attacks Blucher's Prussian army.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the Prince of Orange enraged?

2. Who captures the 69th battalion's colours?

3. Who are the Cuirassiers?

4. How are the French Dragoons received by the Belgium people?

5. What does Bonaparte consider the enemy to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. What becomes a major source of friction between the Prince of Orange and Sharpe? Why is Sharpe with the Prince?

2. To whom does Sharpe send a note when he encounters men from the German Legion and what is the response? Why does he respond that way?

3. How does Sharpe mitigate a complete disaster with the battalions under French cavalry attack?

4. What actions of the Dutch-Belgium cavalry in Chapter 7 tell the reader about their ability? What impressions might their actions give?

5. What town on the river Sambre is easily taken by the French, who tries to stop them, and what does this mean in tactical terms?

6. Who does Sharpe see as he leaves Wellington to return to the crossroads? What does he do?

7. Why is the Duchess of Richmond apprehensive about John Rossendale?

8. What does the Duke of Wellington read at the ball that interrupts his participation? What does he do after he reads the dispatch?

9. Who does Sharpe encounter while escaping the crossroad area and what happens?

10. What do Rebecque and Sharpe decide Sharpe should do as they study a map of the area?

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