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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How might the pace of the Prussian Major who is taking news to Brussels be described?
(a) Slow through neccessity.
(b) Stalled.
(c) Rapid.
(d) Irresponsibly leisurely.

2. What do Harper and Sharpe contemplate?
(a) Whether to lodge an official complaint against the Prince of Orange.
(b) What they should do next.
(c) Whether to retire from the military.
(d) Whether to request reassignment to an English brigade.

3. Why is the Prince of Orange excited?
(a) He just got a new warhorse.
(b) He receives a letter from his father stating that he is receiving the title early to an estate he loves.
(c) He expects a great victory against the French.
(d) He has just become betrothed and wants a victory to impress his fiance.

4. Where does Sharpe go to report after engaging the French forces in a feint?
(a) Quartre Bras.
(b) The Prince of Orange's headquarters.
(c) He stays to keep track of the French army.
(d) Brussels.

5. What happens to the Dutch-Belgian guns and infantry?
(a) They are flanked and surrender.
(b) They confuse their orders and are not where they are supposed to be.
(c) They leave the battlefield in a blind panic.
(d) They are slaughtered almost to a man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Duke of Wellington order the Prince of Orange to do?

2. Who does the Duke of Wellington hope will join his forces?

3. How are the French Dragoons received by the Belgium people?

4. How is the horseman dressed?

5. Who joins the fray who Sharpe and Harper recognize?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Sharpe's mother and in what wars has he fought? To whom is he attached now?

2. What actions of the Dutch-Belgium cavalry in Chapter 7 tell the reader about their ability? What impressions might their actions give?

3. What becomes a major source of friction between the Prince of Orange and Sharpe? Why is Sharpe with the Prince?

4. What do Rebecque and Sharpe decide Sharpe should do as they study a map of the area?

5. What did the actions in Chapter 7 show about the Prince of Orange and some of the other British officers?

6. What type of technical details are seen in Chapter 8?

7. What is used on the field of battle besides weapons and men and why?

8. How does Sharpe mitigate a complete disaster with the battalions under French cavalry attack?

9. Who does Sharpe encounter while escaping the crossroad area and what happens?

10. What does Sharpe do when he and Doggett see a battalion of French while scouting the crossroad area?

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