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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens sometime during the night?
(a) It stops raining.
(b) It begins raining again.
(c) It starts snowing.
(d) It starts sleeting.

2. Upon what does Rebecque give up?
(a) Getting Sharpe to wear a Dutch uniform.
(b) Getting Sharpe to be more tactful.
(c) Getting the Prince of Orange to stay in the rear lines.
(d) Getting the Prince of Orange to lead from a safe place.

3. What is the result of the Prince of Orange's failure to order the Hanoverian line into squares?
(a) They make a line.
(b) They retreat in disorderly fashion.
(c) They begin an orderly retreat.
(d) They are almost all slaughtered.

4. Who falls with the heavy cavalry?
(a) Lord Rossendale.
(b) Peter.
(c) Harper.
(d) The Prince of Orange.

5. Who does Sharpe join?
(a) Lieutenant Simon Bloggett.
(b) The Duke of Wellington.
(c) Peter d'Alembord at the bivouac of the Rifle Regiment.
(d) The Prince of Orange.

6. What suddenly appears?
(a) The French army of infantry, cavalry, and cannons appear.
(b) Dozens of cannons up on a ridge.
(c) A brigade of French heavy horse.
(d) A French brigade of long rifle sharpshooters.

7. What does Lord Rossendale say to the Life Guard officers?
(a) He is going to kill Napoleon.
(b) A story about his broken sword and loss of his pistol.
(c) He will kill Richard Sharpe.
(d) That Sharpe assaulted him and Rossendale wants Sharpe arrested.

8. With what does the battle start?
(a) A cannon duel.
(b) A clap of thunder.
(c) Eerie silence.
(d) A dozen French brigades screaming a battle cry.

9. What happens to the farmland around Quatre Bras?
(a) The land is totally decimated.
(b) It is suddenly full of French cavalry.
(c) A battle is still waging there.
(d) It is deserted.

10. What is von Bulow's Fourth corp supposed to do?
(a) Hold in reserve.
(b) Move forward to feint an attack and draw the heavy cavalry to the left flank of Wellington's army.
(c) Lead an advance on Waterloo to fight side by side with Wellington.
(d) Lead the 2nd wave after the sharpshooters.

11. Of what is Sharpe convinced?
(a) The west ridge is strong enough without any reserves.
(b) The southern hills are set with an ambush.
(c) The men in the chateau are perfectly capable of holding the position.
(d) The west ridge will fall soon without reserves.

12. What is the Emperor's signal to start the battle?
(a) A single cannon shot.
(b) Three cannon shots.
(c) A dozen bugle tones.
(d) A 21 gun rifle salute.

13. Who is Christopher Manvell?
(a) Rossendale's friend to whom he tells the truth.
(b) Sharpe's second in command.
(c) A spy for the British.
(d) The Duke of Wellington's valet.

14. Who do Doggett and Sharpe see as they are leaving the Quatre Bras area?
(a) Duke of Wellington.
(b) Major Gesser with Napoleon.
(c) The Emperor Napoleon.
(d) Lord John Rossendale.

15. What does Rossendale resolve to do the next day?
(a) Kill Sharpe.
(b) Humiliate Sharpe.
(c) Regain his honor.
(d) He makes no resolutions.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Napoleon's men dressed?

2. Upon what does the main French infantry advance?

3. What does Sharpe do to the pistol?

4. Where do Sharpe and Harper watch the attack by the French skirmishers?

5. What does the Prince of Orange order?

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