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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sharpe ponder also?
(a) If he may die on the morrow.
(b) The fact that he now has a writ of divorcement.
(c) What to do about Rossendale.
(d) About what Peter d'Alembord shares with him the day before.

2. What does Sharpe ask of Rossendale?
(a) To not be such a coward.
(b) A truce.
(c) To have Jane back.
(d) A promissory note.

3. What are the British gunners firing from the ridge?
(a) Howitzers with the new shrapnel shells.
(b) Flaming arrows from lit tar pits.
(c) Long-range rifles.
(d) Solid, 25 pound cannons.

4. What does Colonel MacDonnell ask Sharpe?
(a) To lead the charge of the 3rd infantry.
(b) To get his sharpshooters to protect Wellington's artillery.
(c) To get a wagon of ammunition sent down to the chateau.
(d) To get the Prince of Orange to deploy more of his cavalry to the east.

5. What does the Duke see to their south?
(a) The Prussian army.
(b) The Prince of Orange's men.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Only a few horsemen on an empty ridge.

6. What is the use for the cobbled road?
(a) For a fast retreat if necessary.
(b) To be able to hear the advance of Napoleon's army.
(c) There is no planned use for it.
(d) To move reinforcements out of sight.

7. Where do Sharpe and Harper travel with other officers and staff?
(a) Towards the French army's left flank.
(b) Towards the French army's right flank.
(c) With the reserves in the north.
(d) The road south to the crossroads at Mont-St-Jean.

8. Where does Sharpe meet Harper?
(a) At the Duke's tent.
(b) In the stables.
(c) In the officer's mess.
(d) At the local inn.

9. Of what is Sharpe convinced?
(a) The southern hills are set with an ambush.
(b) The men in the chateau are perfectly capable of holding the position.
(c) The west ridge is strong enough without any reserves.
(d) The west ridge will fall soon without reserves.

10. How are the British heavy cavalry defeated?
(a) They fail to listen to the bugle call to retreat.
(b) They run up on hidden cannons.
(c) They are overpowered by the Cuirassiers.
(d) They run up on hidden light guns.

11. What does Rebecque want of Sharpe?
(a) To lead a small group of soldiers for reconaissance.
(b) Rebecque wants Sharpe to make peace with the Prince.
(c) To take charge of a forward expedition.
(d) To be Rebecque's second in a duel.

12. What does Rossendale do when he sees Sharpe coming his way?
(a) Flees into the woods.
(b) Calls for help.
(c) Stands his ground.
(d) Draws his sword.

13. With what are the British redcoats' canteens filled?
(a) Medicinal tea.
(b) Water.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Rum or gin.

14. When Sharpe is within twenty paces of Rossendale, what does Rossendale do?
(a) Fires his pistol into the air to attract attention.
(b) Raises his pistol.
(c) Yells for his aide.
(d) Drops his sword and raises his empty hands.

15. How does Blucher's Prussian army fare the day before?
(a) Blucher is killed but the army is completely intact.
(b) Most of the Prussians deserted and are on their way home.
(c) Defeated but not destroyed.
(d) Utterly destroyed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What suddenly appears?

2. Where do French skirmishers mount an attack?

3. What is a backdrop to the possibility of a battle in the morning?

4. What does Wellington order the Earl of Uxbridge to do?

5. What does Sharpe do to Rossendale's sword?

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