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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Prince of Orange do to cover his embarrassment from the previous day?
(a) Blusters his way through planning his army's assignment.
(b) Asks Sharpe about the encounter with Lord Rossendale.
(c) Makes an exaggerated analysis of the allied lines.
(d) Says the knock on his head addled his brains.

2. Who wears black bearskins?
(a) The elite French legion of the forest.
(b) The elite Imperial Guard.
(c) The sharpshooters.
(d) The elite French legion of the cross.

3. What does Sharpe ponder also?
(a) About what Peter d'Alembord shares with him the day before.
(b) What to do about Rossendale.
(c) If he may die on the morrow.
(d) The fact that he now has a writ of divorcement.

4. When Sharpe is within twenty paces of Rossendale, what does Rossendale do?
(a) Raises his pistol.
(b) Yells for his aide.
(c) Fires his pistol into the air to attract attention.
(d) Drops his sword and raises his empty hands.

5. What happens sometime during the night?
(a) It starts snowing.
(b) It begins raining again.
(c) It stops raining.
(d) It starts sleeting.

6. What is happening at the opening of chapter 13?
(a) Sharpe is dressed down by the Prince of Orange.
(b) Sharpe and Rossendale have another encounter.
(c) The preparations by the British forces for the impending battle.
(d) Harper wakes Sharpe with the news that Napoleon has already started his attack.

7. Where does the Prince of Orange assign Sharpe?
(a) To the rearguard.
(b) In the front line of attack.
(c) To the reserves.
(d) To the right end of the line to watch for a French outflanking move.

8. Of what is Sharpe convinced?
(a) The southern hills are set with an ambush.
(b) The west ridge will fall soon without reserves.
(c) The men in the chateau are perfectly capable of holding the position.
(d) The west ridge is strong enough without any reserves.

9. What does the Duke see to their south?
(a) The Prince of Orange's men.
(b) Only a few horsemen on an empty ridge.
(c) The Prussian army.
(d) Nothing.

10. Who does Sharpe think about in Brussels?
(a) Jane.
(b) Lucille.
(c) The Duke of Blucher.
(d) No one.

11. What is von Bulow's Fourth corp supposed to do?
(a) Hold in reserve.
(b) Lead an advance on Waterloo to fight side by side with Wellington.
(c) Lead the 2nd wave after the sharpshooters.
(d) Move forward to feint an attack and draw the heavy cavalry to the left flank of Wellington's army.

12. What does Wellington do about the troops' baggage?
(a) Lines it up in front of them to delay the French infantry.
(b) Sends it to be joined with that of the Prince of Orange's supply line.
(c) Sends it to the rear.
(d) Has it assembled where the troops can reach it for ammo.

13. What does Wellington order the Earl of Uxbridge to do?
(a) Try to flank the Cuirassiers.
(b) Attack the advancing French formations with the British heavy cavalry.
(c) Retreat.
(d) Try to take out the heavy artillery on the South ridge.

14. Where are the Prussians located?
(a) To the east of the British.
(b) North of the British.
(c) They retreated too far to return in time.
(d) They are intermingled with the British.

15. What is the Emperor's signal to start the battle?
(a) A single cannon shot.
(b) A 21 gun rifle salute.
(c) Three cannon shots.
(d) A dozen bugle tones.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sharpe go over to Rossendale?

2. About what does Rebecque lecture Sharpe?

3. What happens to the farmland around Quatre Bras?

4. What forms the rear guard of the Duke of Wellington's army?

5. What does Sharpe ask of Rossendale?

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