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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the Voltiguers?
(a) The Belgian reserves.
(b) The French cavalry reserves.
(c) The Prussian reserves.
(d) French skirmishers.

2. Who do Doggett and Sharpe see as they are leaving the Quatre Bras area?
(a) Duke of Wellington.
(b) The Emperor Napoleon.
(c) Lord John Rossendale.
(d) Major Gesser with Napoleon.

3. What large complexes are near where the British wait?
(a) Industries.
(b) Monasteries.
(c) Convents.
(d) Farms.

4. What is happening at the opening of chapter 13?
(a) The preparations by the British forces for the impending battle.
(b) Sharpe and Rossendale have another encounter.
(c) Sharpe is dressed down by the Prince of Orange.
(d) Harper wakes Sharpe with the news that Napoleon has already started his attack.

5. What impedes the French cavalry from overtaking the British?
(a) Harrassment by English sharpshooters.
(b) Harrassment by the 110th Prussian cavalry.
(c) Harrassment by the Belgium artillery.
(d) The muddy ground.

6. Who does Sharpe join?
(a) The Prince of Orange.
(b) Lieutenant Simon Bloggett.
(c) Peter d'Alembord at the bivouac of the Rifle Regiment.
(d) The Duke of Wellington.

7. Upon what does Rebecque give up?
(a) Getting the Prince of Orange to stay in the rear lines.
(b) Getting the Prince of Orange to lead from a safe place.
(c) Getting Sharpe to be more tactful.
(d) Getting Sharpe to wear a Dutch uniform.

8. What does Lieutenant Simon Bloggett want of Sharpe?
(a) For Sharpe to see the Baron Rebecque.
(b) For Sharpe to ask for command of Bloggett's unit.
(c) For Sharpe to show him how to plan an offensive.
(d) Advice about women.

9. What does Sharpe do to Rossendale's sword?
(a) Breaks it in the fork of a tree.
(b) Throws it into the heavy brush.
(c) Stabs Rossendale's foot.
(d) Stabs it upright into the ground.

10. What does the Duke see to their south?
(a) Only a few horsemen on an empty ridge.
(b) The Prince of Orange's men.
(c) The Prussian army.
(d) Nothing.

11. What does Sharpe ponder also?
(a) If he may die on the morrow.
(b) What to do about Rossendale.
(c) About what Peter d'Alembord shares with him the day before.
(d) The fact that he now has a writ of divorcement.

12. What forms the rear guard of the Duke of Wellington's army?
(a) The sharpshooter brigade.
(b) The elite infantry.
(c) The horse artillery and cavalry.
(d) The pikemen.

13. What is the Emperor's signal to start the battle?
(a) A 21 gun rifle salute.
(b) A dozen bugle tones.
(c) Three cannon shots.
(d) A single cannon shot.

14. What does Rebecque give Sharpe?
(a) A written reprimand.
(b) Bread and cold lamb.
(c) A verbal lashing.
(d) A written commendation.

15. Where does Sharpe meet Harper?
(a) At the Duke's tent.
(b) At the local inn.
(c) In the stables.
(d) In the officer's mess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Duke of Wellington's army doing?

2. Where does Sharpe return to in chapter 12?

3. What does Rossendale resolve to do the next day?

4. What are many of the British redcoats doing as they wait?

5. What does Wellington order the Earl of Uxbridge to do?

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