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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is the tripod Sharpe is tied to made?
(a) Three cavalry lances.
(b) Three small tree trunks.
(c) Three halberds.
(d) He is tied to a flogging post.

2. How did the enemy officer die that Sharpe is searching?
(a) He was kicked in the head by a horse.
(b) Sharpe put his bayonet through the heart.
(c) He bayoneted him in the throat.
(d) A musket ball in the heart.

3. What are in place to deflect cannonballs?
(a) Sandbags.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Defensive structures.
(d) Metal awnings.

4. Why does Gudin suggest showing mercy to British prisoners is a good idea?
(a) So if the British win they won't charge Tippoo with war crimes.
(b) So the British will do the same to Indian prisoners.
(c) Because it makes Tippoo look like a good ruler.
(d) So that if Tippoo is killed he will face God easier.

5. What is Sharpe contemplating at the beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) He's thinking about women.
(b) How much money he can find.
(c) Death.
(d) Desertion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sharpe and Mary talk about concerning the military?

2. Why is a doctor called for?

3. Who would Sharpe ask permission to marry Mary if he wanted to do that?

4. What does Hakeswill do with the man who has money taped to his chest?

5. To what is Sharpe sentenced at his court-martial?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Sharpe stationed, why is the British army there and why are the French there?

2. What does Sergeant Hakeswill do while they are marching and how does his action affect Sharpe?

3. What does McCandless see at Seringapatam and what is his hope?

4. What does Sharpe do about his and Mary's conversation?

5. Why do they decide Sharpe is a good choice for the mission?

6. What are the officers discussing at the beginning of Chapter 4 and what is Lawford's suggestion?

7. How do the other officers feel about Lawford suggesting Sharpe accompany him on the mission?

8. What happens during McCandless' encounter and how does it end?

9. Where do the lancers take Lawford and Sharpe and what do the two men see as they enter there?

10. When do Lawford and Sharpe depart, who joins them and why does Sharpe take charge of the mission?

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