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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary say is her relationship to Sharpe?
(a) Wife.
(b) Daughter.
(c) Half sister.
(d) Cousin.

2. What does Sharpe observe at the west gate?
(a) Tippoo's men are dumping out food that is poisoned.
(b) Tippoo's men are packing in black powder.
(c) The British are retreating.
(d) The British are setting up siege machines.

3. What is a mill fort?
(a) A place where the grain is ground.
(b) A part of the fort where the civilians gather during an attack.
(c) Cover from enemy fire for the men on the cannons.
(d) A fort that has a windmill that keeps fresh water flowing.

4. What are Sharpe and Mary discussing when Gudin arrives?
(a) Sharpe's decision to leave the army when his tour is up.
(b) Mary's decision not to marry Sharpe.
(c) Mary's decision to marry an enemy.
(d) Sharpe's decision to come behind enemy lines.

5. About how many troops does Tippoo have?
(a) 4, 000.
(b) 500.
(c) 30,000.
(d) 10,000.

6. What are the British officers discussing at the opening of chapter 8?
(a) Whether to send in shells knowing it may harm British prisoners.
(b) Battle plans.
(c) Whether to retreat.
(d) Whether Sharpe has truly become a traitor.

7. Why does Rao give this to Mary?
(a) For protection.
(b) So she can return to England.
(c) For suicide if needed.
(d) Because he believes she is innocent.

8. What does Mary teach the General's children?
(a) Math.
(b) Writing.
(c) How to swim.
(d) English.

9. What had Sharpe been hoping to do after encountering Hakeswill?
(a) Slip through to see Harris.
(b) Sneak in and free McCandless.
(c) Sneak in and kill Gudin.
(d) Escape back to England.

10. Who are the Forlorn Hopes?
(a) The prisoners of Tippoo.
(b) The gurkhas who are fighting with the British.
(c) The cavalry who will not be useful in this fight.
(d) The first wave of soldiers to enter a breach.

11. What is the greatest effect of the rockets?
(a) Sharpnel.
(b) Noise that scares the horses.
(c) Psychological.
(d) Smoke and Fire.

12. For what does Tippoo hope?
(a) An early monsoon rain.
(b) That Sharpe really is on his side.
(c) A clear day for the attack.
(d) A parley with the British.

13. Who does Rao rescue from the dungeon?
(a) Sharpe.
(b) Mary.
(c) Hakeswill.
(d) McCandless.

14. At whom is a volley of musket fire directed?
(a) Hakeswill.
(b) Sharpe.
(c) The squad of British soldiers.
(d) Harris.

15. Whose name does Sharpe yell out?
(a) Hakeswill.
(b) Lawford.
(c) Harris.
(d) Pao.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do three jettis confront?

2. What is the approximately number of the British forces?

3. What does Mary learn from the General's wife?

4. Why does Tippoo give Sharpe something?

5. Who orders Sharpe to ride out towards the British?

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