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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does McCandless wait for Appah Rao?
(a) In a tavern.
(b) At a river ford.
(c) At an ancient temple.
(d) By an old rajah estate.

2. Why does Gudin suggest showing mercy to British prisoners is a good idea?
(a) Because it makes Tippoo look like a good ruler.
(b) So that if Tippoo is killed he will face God easier.
(c) So the British will do the same to Indian prisoners.
(d) So if the British win they won't charge Tippoo with war crimes.

3. Of what is the tripod Sharpe is tied to made?
(a) Three halberds.
(b) He is tied to a flogging post.
(c) Three small tree trunks.
(d) Three cavalry lances.

4. What kind of weapon does McCandless use?
(a) A Scottish claymore.
(b) A halberd.
(c) A rapier.
(d) A musket and bayonet.

5. Why is Sharpe fighting in India?
(a) To break resistance to British rule.
(b) The British are trying to take Pakistan.
(c) The British have just invaded India.
(d) The Indians have killed a British Duke.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times has Sharpe seen action?

2. Who does Mcandless tell to escape?

3. Why does McCandless shoot his horse?

4. What does Hakeswill attempt to do to Sharpe about his musket?

5. How many are in the British firing line they array against Tippoo's troops in Chapter 1?

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