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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the French commander plan to kill all the British?
(a) He wants to make them retreat; not kill them all.
(b) By charging the bridge with overwhelming forces.
(c) With his artillery.
(d) With his heavy cavalry.

2. Who does Sharpe first talk to at the fort?
(a) Tubbs.
(b) Harper.
(c) Perkins.
(d) Jones.

3. Why does Coignet raise an alarm?
(a) He sees Sharpe's men trying to light the outer gates of the fort.
(b) He does not raise an alarm.
(c) He sees smoke coming through the floorboards.
(d) He hears Major Tubbs talking to Sharpe.

4. What looks like a makeshift caltrops?
(a) The fence baling wire struck out on the bridge.
(b) The broken wine bottles.
(c) Nothing; they have no caltrops or anything that resembles these.
(d) The pieces of melted metal from the muskets.

5. What else does the French commander decide to try to do to Sharpe's men?
(a) Take some captive to interrogate.
(b) Confuse them.
(c) Separate them into small groups.
(d) Send his lancers in to finish Sharpe's men off.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Sharpe know he will be blamed?

2. What does Sharpe admit to Teresa?

3. What gives Pailleterie an advantage in charging across the bridge?

4. What does Sharpe order his men to do when he runs back to the village?

5. Who else is filled with rage as Sharpe is?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does MacKeon again "save the day"?

2. Describe the battle for the bridge and explain why Sharpe retreats.

3. What do Teresa's men do that helps the enemy?

4. In what way are both Sharpe and Pailleterie furious at the other group?

5. Why does Pailleterie allow Tubbs to keep his sword?

6. Who do Pailleterie and Tubbs discuss and what do they say?

7. Describe how the tide changes for Sharpe and his men after the wine bottles have been broken on the bridge.

8. What strategy does Herault choose to fight Sharpe and his men?

9. What does Herault observe when he arrives at San Miguel?

10. What is Pailleterie's reaction when seeing San Miguel?

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