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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Napoleon do right before the Battle of Toulouse?
(a) Runs away to an island in the Mediterranean.
(b) Flees to Spain.
(c) Commits suicide.
(d) Abdicates.

2. Who leads the voluntary repositioning of Nairn's forces?
(a) Harper.
(b) Sharpe.
(c) Nairn.
(d) Frederickson.

3. What main types of French people are wandering Bordeaux?
(a) Maimed soldiers, widows, orphans, and cast-off army-wives.
(b) French Imperial Guard.
(c) Women and children.
(d) French army officers.

4. What does Jane believe would happen if Sharpe accepts his accolades?
(a) They would be rich.
(b) He would be knighted.
(c) She would be popular in society.
(d) She would be invited to the royal palace.

5. Why is a duel called "grass before breakfast?"
(a) Duels are never fought at night in mud.
(b) They are fought at dawn usually on a lawn.
(c) One person may end up six feet under the grass.
(d) You throw a piece of grass to see how the wind blows before a duel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sharpe give Jane before she leaves for England?

2. What is Toulouse?

3. What is Sharpe's and Frederickson's status after being detained?

4. With what is the port of St. Jean de Luz filled?

5. At the beginning of the Prologue for what is Sharpe preparing?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the maneuvers at Ducos' estate turn out as far as Ducos' men are concerned?

2. What do Sharpe and Frederickson find at the guard post in Bordeaux?

3. What is apparent when Jane sees Rossendale and how does their social circle feel about it?

4. What does Sharpe do when Frederickson sends for him and what does Lucille reveal to her doctor and friends?

5. Where do Nairn's troops participate in the battle at Toulouse and why and where do they then move?

6. What does d'Alembord do in London as far as Jane is concerned in Chapter 10? How does Jane appear to him?

7. How does Frederickson feel about Lucille, what does Sharpe suggest and what happens when he follows Sharpe's suggestion?

8. Why does Lucille write to Roland?

9. Why does Harper travel to London, and what happens when he calls on Jane?

10. What does Frederickson do about Lucille and her opinion of Sharpe? What do he and Harper do while Sharpe is recovering and how does Sharpe feel about where he is? What does Lucille think of Sharpe?

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