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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sharpe feel about Simmerson's treatment of Jane?

2. How does Sharpe feel about Jane's response to his question?

3. What do Sharpe and his friends search?

4. Why is Sharpe going to march the men to the location in Question #148?

5. How does Anne gain Fenner's attention?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sharpe decide to do in London and when that was unsuccessful what does he end up doing?

2. What does Anne tell Sharpe about him wanting to take Fenner and Simmerson down?

3. What does Lawford with his information?

4. How does Jane's mission to obtain the accounting books turn out and how does she feel?

5. What happens with Anne and Fenner after Lawford leaves?

6. How does Sharpe reorganize the command structure at Foulness?

7. Where does Girdwood run and what does he do?

8. What does Jane tell Sharpe about her personally?

9. What does Sharpe requests happen to Girdwood and what does Fenner get out of the deal?

10. What does Sharpe do when he reaches London in order to get something done about Simmerson and Fenner?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Usually the women in this series are background to the men and tend to fit a stereotype of women in this era of history. This book has a different type of woman, Dowager Countess Anne Camoynes, who is strong enough to survive her husband, leaving her in debt and intelligent enough to finally outwit Fenner.

1. Present and analyze the treatment of women in Dowager Countess Anne Camoynes.

2. Cornwell is trying to be historically accurate, so is his treatment of women in his book(s) justified?

3. Is there any way Cornwell could have presented women in a more positive light and still stayed historically accurate? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

The military way of life is in and of itself similar to a distinct culture. Understanding how the military is organized, how it operates, and its basic rules of conduct will make any novel that centers on the military more understandable and enjoyable. Discuss one of the following:

1. Describe and analyze the military structure during the time of Sharpe's Regiment. What is rank? What is the difference between officers and enlisted men? How serious is it to disobey an order? What happens if one decides he does not like being in the military and walks away? How are men conscripted? Does the infantry have a similar means of augmenting their ranks as the maritime action called "impressments"?

2. Compare the infantry of Sharpe's Regiment to that in modern times for the United States, England or France. What are the similarities? The differences? Are the changes from those times improvements? Why or why not? (This question will require some research).

3. Discuss why you think the military has the following: Uniforms, a rank structure of Officers and Enlisted, Strict Discipline, Training for New Recruits, Court Martial, and Different types of companies (i.e., rifle, Cavalry, artillery, etc). Discuss why you think men (and nowadays women) choose to become professional soldiers.

Essay Topic 3

The recruiting sergeant is a bluff, likable man who tells ridiculous, grandiose lies and draws in many unsuspecting recruits. Of course his entire spiel is lies, but even Sharpe admires Havercamp's ability to spin military enlistment as something desirable and exciting.

1. Do you think someone who lies as much as Havercamp does can also be a likable person? Why or why not? Use examples from the text and your own experience to support your answer.

2. Most people have known someone who has joined the armed forces and inevitably hear the complaint that his/her recruiter lied. Discuss the concept that a recruiter lying isn't really wrong since everyone knows recruiters lie.

3. Compare and contrast the tactics of a military recruiter to a sales person, for example, one selling a used car.

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