Sharpe's Regiment Character Descriptions

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Major Richard Sharpe

He is the principle protagonist of the novel and is present in most--but not all--the scenes in the narrative.

Sergeant Patrick Augustine Harper

He is a long-time friend and fellow soldier of Sharpe, and the two men have fought together in many previous campaigns.

Maggie Joyce

She plays a pivotal role in the series of novels while yet remaining essentially a minor character within the current novel.

The Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness the Prince Regent

The novel portrays a fictional representation of this person who eventually becomes King George IV in 1820.

Dowager Countess Anne Camoynes

She is an interesting and compelling character in the novel. She is a widow with one child, and her deceased husband has left her with a mountain of debt and social disgrace.

Lord Simon Fenner

He is the British Secretary of State at War, a powerful posting with...

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