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Prologue and Chapter 1

• The novel opens immediately after a combat encounter between the first battalion of the South Essex Regiment and French forces.

• Sharpe reflects on the encounter, noting that it was strategically insignificant and tactically pointless.

• Sharpe observes the South Essex Regiment and notes that its numbers are seriously depleted through casualties.

• The South Essex Regiment has two battalions, a training one in England and the fighting one now in Spain.
• The second battalion is failing at its task and the first battalion is not receiving replacements.

• They decide that Sharpe will travel to England to see if he can straighten out the mess with first battalion.

• Sharpe and his friends Harper and d'Alembord and Harry Price travel to Chelmsford and find the depot deserted.

• They find a handful of men and Sharpe informs the Lieutenant that second battalion is drawing pay and rations for 700 men.
• No...

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