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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sharpe first demand of Hocking before slashing his face?

2. What does Sharpe tell Astrid when he overpowers a guard?

3. Who is one of the men who appears to be sneaking into Skovaard's home?

4. When does Baird want Sharpe to do what he has asked?

5. What does Sharpe's former friend say about Hocking?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Lavisser and how does he act in the carriage as they are riding to the docks?

2. What does Baird want of Sharpe?

3. How is Sharpe tricked and what does he do?

4. How does Sharpe manage to get some weapons for himself on the boat?

5. How does Sharpe get to Copenhagen?

6. Where is Sharpe on Friday night at the opening of Chapter 2, and what does he do initially?

7. How does Sharpe come to be Skovaard's protector?

8. What is Captain Willsen doing at the opening of this chapter and why?

9. What does Sharpe do and think after fleeing Wapping Steps.

10. Why is Sharpe in his present circumstances?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Though this novel is probably more action driven rather than character driven, obviously there are several characters who make the novel what it is. Discuss one of the following:

1. Compare/contrast the characters of Sharpe and Lavisser. Include their goals, sense of honor, abilities and social skills.

2. Compare/contrast the characters of Harper and Angel.

3. Thoroughly analyze the character of Richard Sharpe discussing both his strong and weak points and how both affect the outcome of the plot.

Essay Topic 2

Sharpe visits the orphanage master from the place where he was raised and kills the man, Hocking. He visits an orphanage in Copenhagen and is astounded by the differences between the two. Discuss the following:

1. Compare/contrast the two orphanages with as much information as is offered and by deducing other information by the context in the story. Why do you think the two countries have such different orphanages?

2. Research the treatment of orphans in England of the early 1800s and Denmark of the same period. Compare/contrast what you learn with what is presented in "Sharpe's Prey".

3. Research how orphans are treated today in England and/or Denmark. Compare/contrast that to how they are treated in the early 1800s. What do you think are the reasons for the differences between today and then? Which is more humane? Why?

4. Fully describe what you think is the ideal orphanage and why.

Essay Topic 3

"Sharpe's Prey: Richard Sharpe and the Expedition to Copenhagen, 1807", is written around the historic invasion of Denmark by the British in 1807. Discuss the following:

1. Research the actual historical event of the invasion of Denmark by Britain in 1807, and write an informative essay on it.

2. Compare/contrast the actual historical event with how it is portrayed in "Sharpe's Prey: Richard Sharpe and the Expedition to Copenhagen, 1807". How are they alike? Different? Why do you think Cornwell alters some of the facts? Do you think the alterations improve the story? Why or why not?

3. Choose some minor historical event and write a short story set in that event. Try to stick to the actual facts as much as possible.

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