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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who questions Sharpe along with Gordon?
(a) Hooper.
(b) Duke Wellington.
(c) Captain Dunnett.
(d) Pumphrey.

2. Who does Chase order to accompany Sharpe?
(a) Just Clouter.
(b) Just Somes.
(c) Hopper and Clouter.
(d) No one.

3. What are Castenschiold's initial plans concerning the British?
(a) He has not plans as of yet.
(b) To assassinate their leaders and they may go home.
(c) To surprise them before they expect resistence.
(d) To negotiate a compromise.

4. Why does Chase not want to do what is asked of him?
(a) There is no direct, official military order.
(b) He thinks it's immoral to bomb civilians.
(c) He thinks Sharpe is needed undercover.
(d) He thinks Barker is merely a pawn.

5. What do the British do after launching exploding bombs?
(a) March on the city.
(b) Send in a letter of truce.
(c) Wait to see what the Danes do.
(d) Send projectiles designed to start fires.

6. What does Bang tell Sharpe about staying in the city?
(a) It will soon be seige conditions.
(b) Sharpe will be asked to fight for the Danes.
(c) The Danes will expect him to stay away from the fighting.
(d) Sharpe will be arrested.

7. Why does Skovaard say the Danes do not move there fleet?
(a) There is no safe place to go.
(b) This is their land and they will not be intimidated.
(c) It's too close to winter and ice is already forming up North.
(d) They are planning a move at this time.

8. Who does Sharpe speak to at Skovaard's warehouse?
(a) Barker.
(b) Lavisser.
(c) Bang.
(d) An English naval officer.

9. Where is the rest of the Danish army?
(a) In Southern Denmark.
(b) They have to be called up.
(c) On the northeastern border.
(d) On the Russian border.

10. What does Chase not want to do?
(a) Any more bombing of Copenhagen.
(b) Help Sharpe rescue Skovaard and kill Lavisser.
(c) Order Sharpe back to British lines.
(d) Kill Barker.

11. What shocks Sharpe about where he and Astrid visit?
(a) How humane the orphanage is.
(b) At the burn scars on Astrid's aunt's face.
(c) At how kind and welcoming her grandmother is.
(d) At the variety of good available on the market.

12. About what does Barker reassure Lavisser?
(a) That Peyman would believe Lavisser over a British soldier.
(b) That the Crown Prince will be as charmed by Visser as every other man.
(c) That the intruder was probably a common thief.
(d) That he and Lavissier will be far gone before anything happens.

13. What does Sharpe ask the person to whom he introduces himself?
(a) Where Astrid is.
(b) Why he won't let the British keep the Danish fleet safe.
(c) Where Lavisser is.
(d) Where the gold is.

14. What is sitting next to the chair in the lawn?
(a) A large dog.
(b) Astrid's cat.
(c) Crutches.
(d) The chest of gold.

15. What surprises the British sailors on their way to the Danish fleet?
(a) The friendliness of the Danes.
(b) The quietness of the city.
(c) The normal activities taking place at the piers.
(d) The lack of sentries.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Sharpe and Astrid take her father?

2. Why does Sharpe say the British cannot bomb Copenhagen?

3. How do the people pass secrets?

4. Where does Sharpe wait to enter the city?

5. Where is Sharpe headed at the opening to Chapter 8?

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