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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of wound does Farthingdale receive?
(a) A cut on his knee.
(b) A sprained ankle.
(c) A broken arm.
(d) A minor head wound.

2. Who will assist Sharpe in rescuing the women?
(a) Two sqauds of infantry.
(b) An arillery company.
(c) Spanish partisans.
(d) A calvary battalion.

3. What is Sharpe supposed to do with the troops to which he has been assigned?
(a) Learn how to use their weapons.
(b) Keep them from killing the British.
(c) Drill, parade and train them.
(d) Take them to the French border.

4. Why was the troop Sharpe is now commanding sent there by the person in question #20?
(a) It is his pet project.
(b) He promised they would when he was drunk.
(c) They are being punished by him.
(d) He wants them out of the way.

5. What does Nairn order Sharpe to do in Chapter 3?
(a) Find Hogan.
(b) Go arrest or kill Hakeswill.
(c) Go to Andrados and scout the area.
(d) Go home for his brother's funeral.

6. What does Sharpe do with the forces he has at his disposal?
(a) Drill them in rapid reload.
(b) Spread them throughout Andrados.
(c) Consolidate them at the convent.
(d) Send some back to the base to get help.

7. What kind of evidence is around the town?
(a) Of destruction of many buildings.
(b) Evidence of starvation and lack of water.
(c) Evidence of theft of British army material.
(d) Evidence of murder, torture and mass rape.

8. Where does Sharpe go when he arrives at Andrados?
(a) The convent.
(b) The north gate.
(c) The watchtower.
(d) The governor's house.

9. Why is Colonel Dubreton at Andrados?
(a) To capture Hogan.
(b) To ransom his wife.
(c) To kill Hakeswill.
(d) To kill Pot-au-Feu.

10. What is the first thing Sharpe decides needs to be done in an assault on Andrados?
(a) Cutting off the water supply.
(b) Blowing up the magazine.
(c) A small force to secure the hostages.
(d) Taking out the leaders.

11. Who has sent the troop that Sharpe is told to command?
(a) The Prince of Orange.
(b) King George.
(c) Viscount Wellington.
(d) The Prince Regent.

12. What type of terrain does Sharpe have to cross to get to Andrados?
(a) An open plain.
(b) A swampy land.
(c) A mountain pass.
(d) Forests.

13. What does the Chaplain General ask Nairn to do?
(a) Attend masses for the dead.
(b) Allow the Jewish soldiers to rest on Saturday.
(c) Keep Methodism in check.
(d) Set up services for the Methodist.

14. Who is the head of the army which subdues Andrados?
(a) Phillip de Phillipe.
(b) General Rodriquez.
(c) Pot-au-Feu.
(d) Charles de la Fetelels.

15. What happens as the British forces are scrambling over the castle's outer walls?
(a) The defenders shoot at the attackers.
(b) Josefina and Dubreton's wife escape.
(c) Sharpe blows up the gunpowder around the wall.
(d) A series of mines erupt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frederickson bring with him when he advances on the convent?

2. How does Farthingdale feel about Sharpe's inability to bring back Lady Farthingdale?

3. What does Sharpe think as he watches Farthington's preparations?

4. Who does Sharpe recognize Lady Farthingdale to be?

5. What lies on either side of the road that runs out of the pass?

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