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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lucille get Challon to apologize?
(a) She holds a hot pan of grease over his groin.
(b) She appeals to Lorcet.
(c) She holds a kitchen knife to his throat.
(d) She says she will throw the breakfast out to the pigs.

2. Lorcet says that Lucille had better pray for ______________.
(a) Sharpe to be better than most of the English.
(b) Sharpe to return.
(c) Sharpe not to get stuck in a drift.
(d) Sharpe to still have the gold.

3. What does Marie tell Sharpe to do when he wakes on Christmas Eve?
(a) Not wake the baby.
(b) Eat breakfast.
(c) Take no risks.
(d) Dress warmly.

4. What does Challon put under his arm?
(a) His clothes.
(b) Patrick.
(c) Nothing.
(d) His pistol.

5. About what does Challon harass Lucille?
(a) Living on the farm.
(b) Having a child out of wedlock.
(c) Being with an Englishman.
(d) Not marrying a wealthy man.

6. What does Hagman deliver?
(a) A newborn calf.
(b) A message from Picard.
(c) A baby girl.
(d) A bottle of wine from Picard.

7. Where does Sharpe lock the men who held Lucille and Patrick hostage?
(a) In his house's cellar.
(b) In the chapel.
(c) In the village jail.
(d) In the inn's cellar.

8. Whose orders was Sharpe following when he and others recovered the gold?
(a) Malan's.
(b) Wellington's.
(c) Ducos'.
(d) Calvet's.

9. What happens when the wind rattles the door?
(a) Patrick starts crying.
(b) The maid screams.
(c) Challon is startled.
(d) Lorcet grabs Lucille from behind.

10. What does Picard suggest they do when they hear gunfire?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Get into France as fast as possible.
(c) Help Gudin's men.
(d) Send a messenger for reinforcements.

11. How does Lucille know Sharpe is playing a game with the men?
(a) He pulls out a key that opens a mausoleum on her property.
(b) He winks at her.
(c) He retrieves an old key that opens a chapel on her property.
(d) He uses the present tense to speak about a dead person.

12. What does Sharpe think odd after he kills the fox?
(a) The musket misfired a couple times.
(b) He cannot hear the church bell as usual.
(c) The fox was pregnant but has a den of youngs already.
(d) It is odd the men he saw have not reappeared.

13. What does Challon promise Lucille?
(a) She is about to enter paradise.
(b) Patrick will not be harmed.
(c) Lucille will not be harmed.
(d) Sharpe will not be harmed.

14. Of what does Gudin assure Sharpe?
(a) The man who killed Nicolls will be hung after court martial.
(b) Gudin killed the man who shot Nicolls.
(c) Nicolls pulled his weapon first.
(d) The shooting that killed Nicolls was an accident.

15. Who does Sharpe think of after hearing about Hagman's delivery?
(a) Jesus.
(b) Christmas dinner.
(c) The wine might be poisoned.
(d) That Picard double-crossed him another time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lucille ask Sharpe if he misses?

2. What does Sharpe feel as he is marching to Irati that evening?

3. Where did the treasure go?

4. What does Lorcet assume Sharpe wanted to do?

5. What does Sharpe offer Gudin?

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