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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the tall man with hussar pigtails carrying?
(a) Patrick.
(b) Sharpe's sword.
(c) A Bible.
(d) Sharpe's rifle.

2. What does Sharpe say when he pulls the hatch in the attic?
(a) It's time to go to war.
(b) He says he's going to kill some men.
(c) He tells Malan to wait there.
(d) He tells Malan to signal the singers.

3. What does Lubecque order Sharpe to do?
(a) Put his hands behind his back to be tied.
(b) Fix the wheel.
(c) Saddle a horse to ride.
(d) Drive.

4. Who is Corporal Lubecque?
(a) A man Lorcet sends with Shapre to Caen.
(b) Lucille's former gardner.
(c) A good friend of Malan's.
(d) The man Lorcet leaves to guard Lucille.

5. What has Sharpe read in the papers?
(a) All former English soldiers are to leave France.
(b) The French countryside has been plundered.
(c) Napoleon has escaped.
(d) The King of England is offering amnesty to deserters.

6. What does Gudin offer?
(a) A one-on-one duel to settle the affair.
(b) A compromise.
(c) His parole.
(d) His surrender.

7. What does Hagman deliver?
(a) A baby girl.
(b) A bottle of wine from Picard.
(c) A message from Picard.
(d) A newborn calf.

8. About what does Lucille make fun of Lorcet?
(a) He cannot control Challon.
(b) He is relying upon a known criminal for aide.
(c) He has to hire thugs to do his business.
(d) He only sent three men to accompany Sharpe.

9. What does Lucille ask of the men who break into her home?
(a) To get out of her house.
(b) Nothing.
(c) To wait for Sharpe.
(d) To leave them their silver.

10. What does Lorcet admit?
(a) They will have to tie up Lucille and Sharpe.
(b) He wants to take Lucille with them.
(c) He already took some of the gold.
(d) They will have to kill Lucille and Sharpe.

11. Who reprimands Challon?
(a) One of the Hussars.
(b) No one.
(c) Lorcet.
(d) The Maid.

12. Who thought he was in love with Lucille?
(a) No one besides Sharpe.
(b) Colonel Gudin.
(c) Malan.
(d) The mayor.

13. Who advises against Picard's suggestion?
(a) Gudin.
(b) Caillou.
(c) No one.
(d) Santon.

14. Why does Lucille name Patrick with the surname Lassan?
(a) She thinks the villagers will accept him better.
(b) She wants her family's name to continue.
(c) She does not name his Lassan.
(d) She wants Patrick to be able to inherit her family estate.

15. Of what does Gudin assure Sharpe?
(a) Gudin killed the man who shot Nicolls.
(b) Nicolls pulled his weapon first.
(c) The shooting that killed Nicolls was an accident.
(d) The man who killed Nicolls will be hung after court martial.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Malan serve during the Napoleonic Wars?

2. What does Lucille cook for Challon and his two hussars?

3. Who does Sharpe think of after hearing about Hagman's delivery?

4. What does Sharpe feel as he is marching to Irati that evening?

5. What does Father Defoy wish Jacques would do?

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