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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Sharpe order to advance when the French are only fifty paces away?
(a) The archers.
(b) The light artillery.
(c) The Prince of Wale's Own Volunteers.
(d) No one.

2. What does Ensign Nicholls tell Sharpe?
(a) General Picard is offering to surrender.
(b) The French have regrouped near Irita.
(c) The French are running away.
(d) The other French are arriving.

3. What does Sharpe hope to avoid this Christmas Eve?
(a) A retreat.
(b) More killing.
(c) A parley.
(d) A rout.

4. From what disaster are some of the men at the Fort at Ochagavia taking refuge?
(a) Kulm.
(b) Waterloo.
(c) Vitoria.
(d) Borodino.

5. What happens when some Frenchmen kick over a barrel?
(a) The barrel's staves break and the wine spills.
(b) The wine leaks out.
(c) It explodes.
(d) Nothing.

6. What war in 1799 is the context of "Sharpe's Christmas"?
(a) The Battle of Waterloo.
(b) The Boxer Rebellion.
(c) The Mysore War.
(d) The War of the Roses.

7. At what does the French brigade fire?
(a) The partisans.
(b) The calvary.
(c) The remaining barrels.
(d) The archers.

8. Why did Sharpe go to France in Sharp's Ransom?
(a) To find his half brother.
(b) To find his daughter.
(c) To take revenge on a sadistic French Captain.
(d) Because of a woman.

9. What does D'Alembord think of Sharpe?
(a) Sharpe should not be an officer.
(b) Sharpe is a womanizer.
(c) Sharpe has more integrity than many of the gentlemen officers.
(d) Sharpe is the best soldier D'Alembord has ever known.

10. What does Sharpe command?
(a) No one at the moment.
(b) A squad of specialized sharpshooters.
(c) A company of reservists.
(d) A battalion of redcoats.

11. What is the state of England in Sharpe's Ransom?
(a) England is figting the Spanish.
(b) England is fighting the Americans.
(c) England is at peace.
(d) England is fighting the Danes.

12. What has Sharpe found south of the village?
(a) A place where his battalion can stop the escaping French.
(b) A pile of French muskets.
(c) A young goat.
(d) A young child wandering around.

13. What are both men unable to do?
(a) Kill the animal.
(b) Stop sneezing.
(c) Stop laughing.
(d) Stop coughing.

14. What do two of the volumes of Gudin's diaries concern?
(a) His deceased wife.
(b) Gudin's time in India.
(c) The only successful campaign he has carried out.
(d) His deceased sons.

15. Who is Ensign Nicholls?
(a) The man who is in love with Sharpe's cousin.
(b) The man who insists on a court martial for Harper.
(c) The man who interrupts the argument.
(d) The man who knocks Sharpe over the head.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would cause Sharpe serious problems?

2. Why doesn't Picard call his men back off the slopes?

3. For what does Gudin pray?

4. What does Caillou know Gudin will do?

5. Who is CeCe Motz?

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