Sharpe's Christmas Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Cornwell say about Sharpe's Christmas in the introduction?

Bernard Cornwell explains that the two stories in this collection were written to fill pages in the "Daily Mail."

2. How long is each story in Sharpe's Christmas, and why are they that length?

Each story was to be 12,000 words long, but they are much longer now since he rewrote them without constraints.

3. Why did Cornwell think writing about a Christmas with Sharpe was odd?

It it seemed like an odd request since Sharpe is not a man of peace.

4. How did Cornwell feel about writing Sharpe's Christmas, and why did he feel that way?

Cornwell was intrigued by writing Sharpe's Christmas. He tried to write two tales that acknowledged the Christmas spirit without ignoring Sharpe's belligerent nature.

5. What does Cornwell say about the people who helped him write Sharpe's Christmas? What else does he address in the introduction?

Cornwell thanks those who helped him with his stories and explains where the proceeds will be distributed.

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