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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sharpe's Christmas (pp. 11-21).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Colonel Gudin's career full?
(a) Failures.
(b) Battles.
(c) Honors.
(d) Strife.

2. Where is a French garrison located?
(a) Isle de France.
(b) Somewhere north of Sharpe's men.
(c) The Fort at Ochagavia.
(d) The Fort near Timcumpki.

3. What does Cornwell say he never expected?
(a) Sharpe would end up in France.
(b) Sharpe's daughter would grow older.
(c) Teresa would die.
(d) Sharpe would survive the last conflict in which he participated.

4. To what does Caillou object?
(a) Gudin leaving the Eagle.
(b) Women and children coming along with the French army.
(c) Sharpe going undercover.
(d) Gudin commanding the forces.

5. With whom is Richard Sharpe kneeling at the end of a field?
(a) Patrick Harper.
(b) Colonel Hogan.
(c) Ensign Nicholls.
(d) Ensign Gudin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Sharpe book does "Sharpe's Ransom" follow?

2. What does Sharpe command?

3. Who is CeCe Motz?

4. Who will cover the east road?

5. How long is it until Christmas?

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