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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sharpe's Christmas (pp. 11-21).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sharpe command?
(a) No one at the moment.
(b) A squad of specialized sharpshooters.
(c) A company of reservists.
(d) A battalion of redcoats.

2. What war in 1799 is the context of "Sharpe's Christmas"?
(a) The Battle of Waterloo.
(b) The Boxer Rebellion.
(c) The Mysore War.
(d) The War of the Roses.

3. What does Cornwell say exists to increase awareness of soldiers who fought in the early 19th century?
(a) The Art of War Society.
(b) Sharpe's Legacy Society.
(c) The Soldiers' Scrapbook.
(d) Sharpe Appreciation Society.

4. To what does Caillou object?
(a) Sharpe going undercover.
(b) Women and children coming along with the French army.
(c) Gudin leaving the Eagle.
(d) Gudin commanding the forces.

5. With whom is Richard Sharpe kneeling at the end of a field?
(a) Ensign Nicholls.
(b) Colonel Hogan.
(c) Ensign Gudin.
(d) Patrick Harper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who granted Gudin his eagle?

2. What does Cornwell say that characters sometimes do?

3. With whose forces is Sharpe fighting in "Sharpe's Christmas"?

4. Who does Cornwell say commissioned the Sharpe stories originally?

5. What are both men unable to do?

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