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This is a small village in Spain where Sharpe is sent to thwart the escape attempt of a French garrison from the fort at Ochagavia.

The Fort at Ochagavia

This is commanded by Colonel Jean Gudin for four years, but it is burnt down when his garrison abandons it in their attempt to escape to France.

Caillou's Eagle

This is a small, gilded bronze object given to Caillou by Napoleon.


This is mentioned in references to past battles and is where Sharpe served under Gudin, as well as where Gudin was last successful.


This is between Spain and France near Irati and is where Sharpe defends against Picard's brigade.

The Prince of Wale's Own Volunteers

This is the regiment of men that Sharpe commands.

Chateau Lassan

This is the main setting of Sharpe's Ransom.


This is the village near Chateau Lassan where Sharpe goes...

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