Sharpe's Christmas Character Descriptions

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Major Richard Sharpe

He is the protagonist of both Sharpe's Christmas and Sharpe's Ransom. He is an English officer fighting the war against Napoleon in the first story and in the second, he is a retired British officer living in Normandy.

Colonel Jean Gudin

He is the commander of the Fort at Ochagavia.

Sergeant-Major Patrick Harper

He is a rifleman who serves under Sharpe's command at Irati, and he is a close friend of Sharpe.

Ensign Charles Nicholls

He is a young man who recently joined the army and is eager to go to war.

Colonel Caillou

He is the commander of the 75th Infantry of France and was awarded a French Eagle from Napoleon.

Captain Peter d'Alembord

He serves under Sharpe at Irati, and he thinks Sharpe is the best soldier he has ever known and will ever know.

General Maximilien Picard

He is the French officer...

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