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• The two stories in this collection were written to fill in pages in the Daily Mail over two holiday seasons.

• Cornwell states he tried to write stories that reflect the Christmas spirit of peace even though Sharpe is a soldier.

• Cornwell thanks those who helped with the stories and explains where the proceeds will be distributed.

Sharpe's Christmas (pp. 11-21)

• Sharpe and Harper are crouched at the edge of a field trying to kill a bullock for Christmas dinner.

• Neither man is able to kill the animal, and they argue over who should have to do it.

• Ensign Nicholls arrives with a summons for Sharpe from Hogan. Nicholls asks them if they are going to fight.

• Sharpe hopes there will be no fighting as Christmas is only three days away and is not a time for killing.
• Hogan tells Sharpe that a French garrison from the fort...

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