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Short Answer Questions

1. Into what new organization of his own creation does Iskander Harappa make Talvar Ulhaq the head?

2. At what age does Arjumand Harappa learn self-defense?

3. How many fish do Omar and Raza catch on their fishing trip?

4. Who kills Iskander Harappa?

5. Of whom does Omar dream the night that Sufiya Zinobia is taken to the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the nature of the relationship between Omar Khayyam Shakil and Shahbanou?

2. Describe the final disgrace of Naveed Hyder's marriage to Captain Talvar Ulhaq.

3. How does Iskander Harappa bring his fate down upon his head after being arrested and imprisoned in Bagheeragali?

4. What is the consequence of Maulana Dawood's quest against the selling and eating of shellfish in Karachi?

5. What two phrases constitute the motto of Raza's regime?

6. How does Iskander Harappa rise to power?

7. For what reason does Naveed Hyder Ulhaq commit suicide?

8. Why does the narrator include the anecdote about seeing a London performance of Danton's Death?

9. How do Omar and Raza escape the residence of the C-in-C and the house arrest?

10. What becomes of Bilquis in her latter years?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As a prominent female figure, Bilquis Hyder, always first hand to experience instability, reveals much about the position of women in Pakistani society as it is portrayed in Shame. How do the various positions into which Bilquis is put and the various attitudes she adopts throughout her life demonstrate the role of Pakistani women? What is significant about her physical appearance? What is significant about the manner in which she clothes herself throughout the story? What is significant about the inverted manner in which she is gradually clothed throughout her married life? What is her overall significance to the story?

Essay Topic 2

Being careful to make the necessary distinctions, write an analytical essay which discusses the significance of the actions of the Beast, as something that resides within but is not Sufiya Zinobia. Which of its actions most significantly impact the story? Why is it an entity that is not Sufiya Zinobia, properly speaking (consider the allegorical significance of Sufiya Zinobia)? Why would it reside within Sufiya Zinobia? What function does the Beast play in the plot of the story? To what actions is the Beast a reaction? Who are its victims, and why?

Essay Topic 3

Write a thoughtful analytical essay on the character of Rani Humayun Harappa. As one of the prominent female characters in the story, her actions and character are very important for discerning the significance of the story. In what ways is Rani significant? How does she impact the plot of the story, if at all? What is the significance of her impact, if she has any, and even if she does not? What particular actions demonstrate to the reader the character of Rani? Is she a virtuous character? Defend your answers with explicit references to the text.

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