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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the servant whom Raza punches in the yard of Iskander's estate?

2. What profession does Eduardo Rodrigues determine is fitting for Omar?

3. About what do Old Man Shakil's daughters regularly fantasize?

4. What is the name of the Harappa family estate where Rani Harappa lives?

5. Whose execution does the narrator mention while visiting his poet friend who lives in Karachi?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the important nuances of the word "sharam" that are not carried over into the English "shame"?

2. Of what sort of development is Omar Khayyam Shakil deprived in his formative years?

3. How does Sindbad Mengal meet his fate?

4. What characterizes Bilquis' reaction to the Loo?

5. How do Raza Hyder and Maulana Dawood come to trust one another immediately?

6. According to the opinion of the narrator, why does Eduardo deem that Omar must study to be a doctor?

7. Why is Raza Hyder's military victory so greatly lauded throughout Pakistan?

8. Describe the end of Bilquis' father's business.

9. Why does Raza Hyder stake himself to the ground in Iskander Harappa's yard?

10. What are the circumstances surrounding the death of Mistri Yakoob Balloch?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine, in a carefully thought-out analytical essay, the usage of the motif of narrative asides employed by the author throughout the book. What do these asides accomplish? How do they add to the story? In what regard does the author use them to the story's benefit? Do they serve any purpose beyond enhancing the imagery and method of the story's delivery?

Essay Topic 2

In an analytical essay, carefully examine the character and personality of Omar Khayyam Shakil. Take into account all of the relevant details, from the moment and manner of his conception until his violent death. In what ways is he is a peripheral character? How is he in any sense a hero of the story? In what way do his actions, or lack thereof, move the events of the story? In what ways is he significant as a symbolic character? What does his character, in all its exaggerations, demonstrate about universal human nature?

Essay Topic 3

Compose an insightful essay on the character of Raza Hyder. As one of the principal protagonists of the story's events, what is Raza's overall significance to the story and its main themes? What are his primary character traits and in what actions do they show themselves? Does he in any way change over the course of the story? How do the other characters think of him and act towards him throughout the story? In what ways does he represent universal human nature? Is his character one of virtue? If so, in what ways, and if not, in what ways?

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