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Short Answer Questions

1. How many male servants remain in the Shakil sisters' house?

2. For how long are the gates of the Shakil house sealed?

3. From what city is the story's narrator uprooted?

4. Who returns to Q as Omar is leaving it for Karachi?

5. How many visits has the narrator made to his sister over 22 years?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe why the narrator insists that his novel is not about a real Pakistan, and what would happen to (the story, not the actual book) it if it were.

2. Why is Raza Hyder's military victory so greatly lauded throughout Pakistan?

3. What effect does voyeurism-by-proxy have on Omar's mothers, and what is possibly the consequence of this effect?

4. Why is Raza Hyder sent to the Needle Valley?

5. Of what two cultural parts is the town of Q's dumbbell shape composed?

6. Why are the children of the British colonials sent back to England after the age of eight to continue their educations?

7. How is Omar initially greeted upon his exiting Nishapur?

8. How does Omar Khayyam describe himself to Iskander Harappa, as described at the end of Chapter 1?

9. How does Bilquis come to be accepted as a member of the Hyder family?

10. What theory does the author propose regarding the mysterious pregnancy of the sisters?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine, in a carefully thought-out analytical essay, the usage of the motif of narrative asides employed by the author throughout the book. What do these asides accomplish? How do they add to the story? In what regard does the author use them to the story's benefit? Do they serve any purpose beyond enhancing the imagery and method of the story's delivery?

Essay Topic 2

Compose an analytical essay that fully develops the role of women in the Pakistani society as it is portrayed in Salman Rushdie's Shame. How are they viewed as a whole? What particular roles do individual women fulfill within society? What are some examples of this from the story? In what ways are they abused or neglected? In what ways do the women of the novel nonetheless shape the course of events? What is the ultimate result of women consistently being pushed to the periphery of events by their domineering male counterparts?

Essay Topic 3

In a well-structured essay, analyze the actions and motivations of the Shakil Sisters. Although they appear in only a few chapters of the book, they nonetheless play a vital role which shapes events throughout the book. Demonstrate how this is so and what they accomplish. What characters do they influence, and how does that influence further influence other characters? How does everything come full circle to them? In what manner does their life begin, and how does it end? What does the circuity of the story's plot reveal about the Shakil Sisters?

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