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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many children does Naveed bear Talvar Ulhaq?
(a) 27.
(b) 7.
(c) 20.
(d) 17.

2. Which ignominious title does Haroun Harappa receive from the Hyder women preparing Naveed for her wedding?
(a) Sheep-lover.
(b) Bookworm.
(c) Potato face.
(d) Garlic breath.

3. After the coup, Raza Hyder appears on television and promises that there will be free elections within how many days?
(a) 60.
(b) Never.
(c) 90.
(d) 30.

4. How many shawls does Rani embroider during her house arrest?
(a) 18.
(b) 22.
(c) 9.
(d) 16.

5. While in the body of a 19-year-old, what age is Sufiya Zinobia mentally?
(a) 8 and a half.
(b) 6 and a half.
(c) 11.
(d) 7.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many reasons does Raza Hyder give against the barbaric nature of Islamic law punishments?

2. To where does the President dispatch a huge army when Iskander is elected Prime Minister?

3. From what physical malady is Iskander Harappa suffering immediately before he is arrested by the military coup?

4. Which father-figure of both the Bible and the Qur'an does Raza Hyder think of when he discovers the killings done by Sufiya Zinobia?

5. What is Omar's medical specialty?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the crazed killing spree of Sufiya Zinobia discovered?

2. What is revealed by Rani Harappa's uncovering of the deceased Iskander's face?

3. Why does the Pakistani man in London, referred to by the narrator at the beginning of Chapter 7, murder his own daughter?

4. What becomes of Bilquis in her latter years?

5. How do Raza and Omar disagree when it comes to dealing with Sufiya Zinobia's condition?

6. Why does the narrator include the anecdote about seeing a London performance of Danton's Death?

7. Why, in the opinion of Omar Khayyam Shakil, does Sufiya Zinobia become intensely ill?

8. How does Arjumand Harappa choose to remember her father?

9. How does Raza Hyder restore the morale of the deflated Pakistani army?

10. What two phrases constitute the motto of Raza's regime?

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