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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Into what new organization of his own creation does Iskander Harappa make Talvar Ulhaq the head?
(a) The National Department of Defense.
(b) The Security Forces of Pakistan.
(c) The Federal Defense Force.
(d) The Federal Security Forces.

2. What is Omar's medical specialty?
(a) Respiration.
(b) General medicine.
(c) Circulatory systems.
(d) Immunology.

3. How does the narrator state that Pakistan's women are restrained?
(a) By men.
(b) By veils.
(c) By society.
(d) By chains.

4. How does General Raddi arrest Haroun Harappa and his terrorists without firing a shot?
(a) By feeding them a heavy meal.
(b) By poisoning them.
(c) By gassing the plane.
(d) By setting the plane on fire.

5. Where does Maulana Dawood believe he lives for the rest of his life, after moving to the new capital?
(a) Mecca.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) Karachi.
(d) Delhi.

6. What is the nickname given to Babar by the guerrillas?
(a) Baby.
(b) Champ.
(c) Emperor.
(d) Chang.

7. What ghost perches itself on Raza Hyder's left shoulder after the hanging of Iskander Harappa?
(a) Maulana Dawood.
(b) Shaggy Dog.
(c) Iskander Harappa.
(d) Little Mir Harappa.

8. Which of the following is NOT used as an analogy for sex by the Hyder women preparing Naveed for her wedding?
(a) A rocket.
(b) A camel.
(c) An eel.
(d) A sikh kabab.

9. Which military man arrives to arrest Iskander Harappa when the coup is pulled off?
(a) Shuja.
(b) Hyder.
(c) Tughlak.
(d) Shaggy dog.

10. What motto appears on Iskander's campaign posters?
(a) "The New Century Needs New Leaders."
(b) "A New Direction for the New Century."
(c) "A New Man for a New Century."
(d) "The New Man for the Next Century."

11. What does Omar Khayyam take to eating while sitting alone in the attic of Raza Hyder's house?
(a) Betel-nuts.
(b) Pine kernels.
(c) Fish soup.
(d) Shellfish.

12. By what name does Bilquis call Sufiya Zinobia?
(a) Disappointment.
(b) Shame.
(c) Shameless.
(d) Chili pepper.

13. While in the body of a 19-year-old, what age is Sufiya Zinobia mentally?
(a) 7.
(b) 6 and a half.
(c) 11.
(d) 8 and a half.

14. In how many wrestling matches does Raza Hyder participate in order to restore his troops' morale?
(a) 76.
(b) 101.
(c) 151.
(d) 111.

15. How many of Atiyah's turkeys does Sufiya Zinobia slaughter with her bare hands?
(a) 218.
(b) 192.
(c) 2014.
(d) 42.

Short Answer Questions

1. With how many bullets is Babar shot when Raza Hyder entraps the guerrillas?

2. For how many years are Rani and Arjumand imprisoned under house arrest?

3. What is the name of the general who leads the military coup?

4. How many years have passed within the story from the end of Chapter 6 to the beginning of Chapter 7?

5. What is lurking deep within Sufiya Zinobia?

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