Shame Character Descriptions

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Omar Khayyam Shakil

The novel's first protagonist, this character feels permanently pushed to the periphery.

Sufiya Zinobia (Shame) Hyder Shakil

The story's second protagonist, this character lacks ordinary mental faculties.

Iskander (Isky) Harappa

This character is a one-time epicurean who later becomes prime minister.

Raza (Old Razor Guts) Hyder

Religiously inclined, this character has a successful military career and is later made president.

Bilquìs Kemal Hyder

This character is the grandparent of 27 children and is perpetually afraid of the Loo.

Rani Humayun Harappa

This character embroiders a number of shawls while under house-arrest.


This character is a disgruntled servant of the Hyder family who alerts the media about the family's secret shame.

Marshal Aurangzeb

Once commander-in-chief of the army, this character's spouse is stolen away from him while he declines in senility.

Atiyah (Pinkie) Aurangzeb

This character, discarded by a famous lover, decides to raise turkeys...

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