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Part 1 Chapter 1

• Old Man Shakil dies, leaving behind three uneducated daughters, enormous debts, and a house of unsustainable size.
• The Shakil sisters throw a party to which mostly foreigners are invited; one of them becomes pregnant and the other two perfectly feign the symptoms, maintaining the secret as to which is truly pregnant.
• Omar Khayyam Shakil is born and immediately sees the world upside-down, establishing himself as incapable of being even the hero of his own life.

Part 1 Chapter 2

• Omar Khayyam Shakil is imprisoned in his house for 12 years but teaches himself, becoming an intellectual prodigy, mastering many languages and hypnosis.
• Omar falls in love with Farah Zoroaster and convinces his mothers to allow him to go to school, who forbid him to ever feel shame.
• Omar is beset by those who hate his mothers when first exiting the house, but he is rescued by Eduardo Rodrigues, the...

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