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Ralph Moody
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ralph's doctor advise him to move out west?
(a) To get a good job.
(b) To learn the dude ranch business.
(c) To get plenty of healing sunshine.
(d) To become more independent.

2. Who arrives at the movie set that night?
(a) The sound crew.
(b) The lighting technicians.
(c) A new group of riders.
(d) The actors.

3. How do Ralph and Lonnie spend most of the day they slid off the road?
(a) Working on a ranch.
(b) Napping on their day off.
(c) Getting the car unstuck.
(d) Driving into the sun.

4. Why does Ralph give the gift to the train conductor?
(a) In sympathy.
(b) To repay him for his kindness.
(c) As a birthday gift.
(d) For his retirement.

5. What do the people in #34 promise?
(a) To stay sober.
(b) To know their lines.
(c) To be better than all the other riders.
(d) To work rain or shine.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ralph know the man in #22?

2. Mr. Larsen calls a lawyer who is able to reduce the mechanic's bill to what amount?

3. What is Ralph's last name?

4. Who was Ralph's roommate during the war?

5. What happens to most of the riders?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ralph's mother send him to a doctor and what is the diagnosis?

2. What does Ralph negotiate for the next day as Lonnie works on the car?

3. What job is Ted having a hard time filling on the movie set and how much could Ralph earn is he were willing to do it?

4. Why does Ralph give the train conductor a gift and what gift does he give?

5. How does Ralph spend his first day on the movie set?

6. Why does a doctor order Ralph to stay in bed for a week and what does Ralph do to pass the time?

7. Who is Ralph's family doctor and what does the doctor encourage Ralph to do to help his condition?

8. What advice does the train conductor give to Ralph about finding a job on a ranch?

9. Why does Ralph decide to leave Phoenix and go to Wickenburg?

10. What does Lonnie do while driving and learning that Ralph is willing to let Lonnie be part owner of the vehicle?

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